Natural Cures for the Dreaded Migraine

Authored by Robert A. Trezza in Diseases 
Published on 02-28-2009

Before we learn how to cure the mother of all headaches, lets try to understand what causes the migraine. These headaches which most commonly occur in woman are a neurological state that last can last anywhere from four hours to seventy-two hours. These painful headaches run across the temples and pulsate causing great sensitivity towards light and other environments. They are usually caused by changes in serotonin levels. Foods, stress on the spine, new medications, stress, hormonal changes; changes in sleep patterns and even a change in weather can trigger them. If you are unable to determine the cause of your headaches when they come on you’ll want to find a safe and effective way to cure them. There are a few natural ways to cure your migraine.

One way to fight a migraine is to become a vampire. No, don’t go draining your neighbors of their blood, but pulling the shades down in your home and closing all the lights before lying down is very effective. It is important to eliminate light, but you will want to stay with your eyelids open, so a dark area is crucial. A cool cloth draped across your eyes will aid as well.

The proper nutrition and hydration is very crucial to the migraine sufferer. Fruit juices and vitamins will help lead to a quicker solution to the pain. A few vitamins and or supplements that you may want to look into while your headache has you down are vitamin C, B6, niacin and magnesium. Food in general is essential, especially if the sufferer has not eaten in some time. Having an empty stomach will only add to the nausea that the migraine may bring on.

Finding the proper pressure points can aid in faster relief of the headache. The first area to apply pressure is the area in the back of the head where your skull meets your neck, press and hold for about two minutes. If that does not work try pressing on the area in between your thumb and pointer finger for a few minutes.
You may also want to try and stretch the neck from side to side to relieve any unwanted tension. Use stretching as your only form of activity during the duration of your migraine Exercise is great and will lead to a healthier you, but wait until the discomfort subsides to continue.

Making an appointment to see a chiropractor may not hurt as an adjustment may do you some good. The wrong movement or heavy lifting may put unwanted stress on the vertebrae and cause a shift in a disc, so shifting them back is a huge plus. When working at your desk or on a computer for long periods of time try using a chair that has a high back for proper neck support.

So, as pain medications are a great relief when all else fails, using the natural methods of pain relief may be your best bet in battling the migraine attack.


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