Natural Decongestants


Authored by Jaipi Sixbear in Diseases 
Published on 12-04-2009

Natural decongestants can relieve cold symptoms quickly and easily. Why fill yourself up with chemicals? Natural decongestants work the same or better. Natural decongestants clear up your chest and sinuses without giving you medicine head. Why not try natural decongestants next time you are feeling under the weather?

Camphor and Menthol Eucalyptus

These natural decongestants are found in the brand of chest rub known as Mentholatum. It can be purchased any place cold medicine is sold. It’s milder than the well known Vicks and contains fewer chemical ingredients. Rub on your chest. Decongestant action wafts into your lungs for long lasting relief. This natural decongestant rub takes the place of cough medicine too. Do not eat it.


The praises of garlic are frequently sung to lower high blood pressure and cure many ailments. Garlic has natural decongestant and antibiotic properties that zap any cold or flu. Garlic can be eaten as a natural decongestant. Inhaling garlic also works quite well. You can also add it to a lemon tea for natural decongestant power. In the old days, a chest poultice was made using garlic.


Peppermint and other mints are natural decongestants. Brew up some mint tea to soothe the throat and provide clearer lungs and sinuses. You can also boil and inhale mint leaves for quick decongestant relief. Simmer mint and water on the stove to fill the house with the scent of this natural decongestant air freshener.


Plain old steam is one of the best natural decongestants. Steam is readily available in modern households. Try running a hot shower and sitting in the bathroom to breathe the steam. If you have kids a cool air humidifier is a wonderful investment. Use it at night to help them breathe easy or run it all day to keep air and lungs moist


Onions have natural fumes that clear the lungs. These natural decongestants can be found in most kitchen pantries and refrigerators. Cut them open and breathe in the fumes for a natural decongestant. You can add them to the soup pot to fill the house with their decongestant power. Antibacterial onions are also a good tea ingredient for strep throat.

Hot Peppers

Hot peppers stimulate lung tears. When the lungs cry, it’s a good thing. Lung tears are caused by liquefied mucus. When mucus is liquefied, it becomes easier to breathe. Adding hot pepper to food when you are sick acts as a natural decongestant. If you don’t care for spicy foods, just cut open a jalapeño and breathe it in for the same natural decongestant effect.

Mandarin Oranges

Synephrine is a natural decongestant found in citrus fruits. Mandarin oranges contain more of this natural decongestant than any other citrus fruit. Drink mandarin orange juice or eat an orange to relieve congestion. You can also cut and smell the orange for the same effect. Add Mandarin oranges to lemon tea. The lemon will work to kill germs and the orange as a natural decongestant.

There are many natural decongestants available. Natural decongestants are just as effective as store brands. Natural decongestants eliminate worry over side effects like medicine head. Camphor, menthol eucalyptus, garlic, peppermint and steam are natural decongestants. You can also get relief from onions, hot peppers and mandarin oranges. Why not cure your cold with natural decongestants?


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