Natural Herbal Remedies for Infertility

After Kathleen, 30, and her husband Richard had tried unsuccessfully for two years to have a child, they listened patiently to her doctor’s explanation of possible fertility treatments with high success rates. They went home and after doing some research, decided to try natural herbal remedies instead.

Herbal remedies are those that come from plants and plant extracts. They’re been around for centuries and are staples of Chinese medicine. According to Shared Journey, this type of alternative medicine uses plant leaves, flowers, roots, bark and berries.

These natural remedies are used for both male and female infertility issues. The most typical are hormonal imbalance, irregular menstruation, erectile dysfunction and problems with sperm mobility.

Herbals remedies that are most commonly used to treat fertility problems include:

Vitex. It’s also known as the chaste tree berry. Prevention reports that it’s sometimes used for women who experience a shortened second half of their menstrual cycle and who have high levels of prolactin, a hormone.

Red clover. One of the most frequently used herbal treatments, it helps nourish the uterus and relax the nervous system to help pregnancy occur. According to Shared Journey, it contains high levels of vitamins, magnesium, and calcium. Practitioners suggest drinking it as a tea each day.

Lady’s mantle. Consumed as a tincture daily, it’s an herb that regulates menstrual cycles and also builds the uterine lining.

Stinging nettle. With high amounts of chlorophyll and minerals, it’s a favorite of herbal practitioners to better regulate hormones, ovulation and menstruation. Subjects drink it daily as a tea.

False unicorn root. Its primary job is to spur ovulation. It’s also used to restore the balance of a woman’s hormones.

Raspberry leaf. Often prescribed with red clover, it contains high levels of calcium and also restores hormonal balance.

Panax ginseng. A staple of traditional Chinese medicine, it’s said to increase the firmness as well as the length of a man’s erection. It’s also sometimes called Chinese or Korean ginseng. It’s also used to boost testosterone levels and both sperm mobility and count.

Astalagus. It’s one of the oldest herbs used for male fertility problems. Practitioners believe it heightens the mobility and concentration of sperm.

Herbal Remedies Info reports that wild yam and licorice are also frequently used for female fertility issues. Practitioners also like to use saw palmetto and tribulus for men.

As a matter of fact, in an effort to treat the whole body, an herbal practitioner might use eight or more different herbs. While teas are common, herbals are also administered in pills, granules, powder and tablets. Overall, the goal is to create harmony between the individual’s mind and body.

Herbal supplements are not Federally regulated in the same way as pharmaceutical drugs are. Any individual interested in using natural herbal remedies to treat infertility should make sure to consult his or her health care provider first.

It’s also important to consume only those recommended by a qualified herbalist or practitioner of alternative medicine because of some serious reported side effects. These include heart attacks, seizures and strokes.


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