Natural Remedies for Cat Urinary Infection

Authored by Jyoti Shah in Cats
Published on 05-12-2009

Cats can be easily affected by urinary tract infections (UTIs), which if not treated in time can lead to serious consequences. Such infections can travel upward and damage the bladder and kidneys. Treating with antibiotics can cause side effects and also destroy helpful bacteria along with harmful ones. They relieve symptoms but do not address the root cause, like herbal and natural remedies that can treat as well as prevent UTIs in cats and pets. Antibiotics can also increase predisosition to bladder infections in cats. Many veterinarians these days generally take a wholistic approach to help the cat to heal by prescribing herbal and homeopathic remedies. These remedies help to correct body imbalances that are responsible for bacteria thriving in the urinary tract.

Symptoms range from pain while urinating, to urine being foul-smelling and tinged with blood, and loss of appetite. They may also need to ease themselves more often.

Female cats that have been spayed early remain prone because loose tissue can trigger urine collection around the urethra. Wiping the cat’s bottom after urination can help.

Alleviating pain and Infection Control:

It can be painful watching your pet straining to urinate because of an infection and quite naturally the first thing that you would like to do is to alleviate pain. Cantharsis is a homeopathic remedy available in the form of pellets that can be given in 2-3 doses a day. They get absorbed in the pet’s mucous membranes and will soon soothe pain and maintain normal flow of urine.

Just like in humans, cranberry juice in its pure form is effective in helping to control an urinary infection. Formulations are not recommended because they contain preservatives and synthetic additives. Cranberry juice can render the urine more acidic and destroy E Coli, the bacteria mainly known to cause UTIs. A combination of botanical and herbal extracts also help to treat as well as prevent UTIs. Uva ursi helps maintain pH levels of urine. Berberis vulgaris can normalize bladder and urinary tract function and staphysagris helps to relieve UTIs in cats. Most of these remedies can be combined as a formula and given. Barberry and Bearberry are natural antibiotics, having antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help heal such infections, by reducing inflammation.


UTI-Free and PetAlive both natural herbal remedies, are efficacious for treating UTIs as well as preventing them. They contain active ingredients that help by supporting bladder and urinary tract function. Herbal tonics like Immunity and Liver Support contain Echinacea, dandelion, Indian ginseng and milk thistle that help to support the immune system.

Other tips for handling UTIs in Cats

  • A home-cooked food diet is best during an infection as it can minimise infection and prevent body imbalances from occuring. Avoid pet food as it can contain synthetic additives and artificial colors that can reduce immunity.
  • Give raw organic or unprocessed food and avoid anything that contains sugar when there is an infection.
  • It may be difficult to get your pet to drink more water or fluids. Giving moist food or soaking food in broth will help increase liquid intake.
  • Always keep water for them in their bowl and keep replenishing with fresh water more often during the day. Sometimes they will avoid drinking water because of the presence of chlorine or fluorine in it. This will result in the urine getting thick, making it all the more difficult to void, and increasing risk to UTIs. Try filtered water or spring water as they help to reduce the risk of UTIs and your cat will feel better drinking it.
  • Allow ample opportunity for the feline to go out and ease itself.

Natural remedies act like tonics by strengthening the immune system. Give them regularly to your feline to prevent infections.


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