Natural Remedies for Premature Ejaculation

Authored by Robert A. Trezza in Men’s Health
Published on 03-19-2009

Remember when Austin Powers lost his mojo? He thought he would never shag the same again. Well, for many men who suffer from premature ejaculation they can feel the same way. Gone may be their confidence and swagger. It can truly be a deflating experience for even the most macho of men. As many of their partners may consol them and tell them that it is okay and not a big deal, in fact to them it is a huge deal. Well, if you or your partner suffers from premature ejaculation there are ways to rectify the event naturally.

The first way you can delay your ejaculation is to masturbate earlier in the day that you expect to perform. If you ejaculate before sex it can aid in allowing you to last a bit longer in bed, but beware it may cause a little less pleasure, as you may be a bit less sensitive.

Another method that can help you hold off on ejaculating too soon is to practice the start and stop approach. This is where you teach yourself to stop right before you are about to ejaculate. After stopping take a few moments to rediscover your partner’s body and then you can get back to action. It takes control at first, but will be well worth it in the long run.

Positioning may play a role in aiding you to last longer in bed. If a woman is on top during intercourse the male is more likely to be comfortable, thus be able to last longer.

Learning to breath during sex is another great method that will help a man last longer in bed. Helping yourself to relax by using deep breaths is a good method for halting premature ejaculation. A bonus here is that some woman are actually turned on by the deep or heavy breathes of their partner during sex.

Next you’ll want to get strong, not at the gym, but right in your home or office. Learning to strengthen your PC (pubococcygeus) muscles can help you to delay ejaculation when you are with your partner. To strengthen these muscles is quite simple; just contract them as if you were trying to stop the flow of urination, hold this for a few seconds and repeat as often as you can.

Herbal supplements can work to stop premature ejaculation too. A supplement that can produce serotonin can aid well, as serotonin can effect ejaculation. A supplement that may help to boost serotonin is 5-HTP and can be found in health food stores. This supplement may act as a safer alternative to antidepressants that can make person very drowsy along with many other negative effects.

When a man is struck with premature ejaculation it is as if he has hit a brick wall in his sex life. No amount of words by his lover can right the situation and he will seek out answers from anywhere he can. Now there are ways for him to return to a normal sex life with just a little time and effort.


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