Natural Remedies for Treating Hypothyroidism

Authored by Robert A. Trezza in Diseases
Published on 03-20-2009

As we age we may slow down in many aspects of our life, whether it is at the gym, around the house, at work or even in the bedroom. When there are these bumps in the road we usually attribute them to age. For many people these are the signs of Hypothyroidism or an under active thyroid. The signs of this diagnosis can be weight gain, abdominal bloating, reduced sex drive, thinning hair, fatigue, brittle nails and much more. Hypothyroidism can be treated using different forms of medication, but some people may want to treat their diagnosis with a safer method and not a piece of paper torn from their doctor’s pad. Those looking for a safer alternative are in luck as there are numerous natural methods out there these days.

One way to treat hypothyroidism naturally is to tweak your diet. For years many people have found that a simple change in diet can assist them in the battle against most diagnoses. It has been shown that simply eating more fish, whole grains, prunes, white chicken, molasses and dates can aid in a healthier thyroid. On the flipside you will want to avoid snacks with sugars and white flour. So try and limit the cake and cookies and you will see a great difference in your out put.

Many people have sworn by the detoxification herbs such as, Swedish Bitters for assistance with a healthy thyroid. This supplement has long been used to aid in digestion and may help boost one’s metabolism as well. The recommendation is just a small teaspoon a day and it is an affordable supplement costing about $20 a bottle, which will last you just over a month.

Herbs are a great alternative for those who don’t want to be medicated. The best herbs for hypothyroidism are ginger, bayberry and cayenne. Always check with your doctor before using these over any medication your doctor may have prescribed. One of the many benefits being revealed about flaxseed oil is that it can help to elevate hormone production, thus help in the fight against hypothyroidism.

Delving into Ayurvedic medicine may be another alternative to prescription medications. Those who practice this form of medicine combine the mind, body and spirit in order to endorse well being. When treating the thyroid with this method many will use a combination of nutrients found in the earth’s soil.

Finally and probably the most important remedy for this and most aliments is exercise. Exercise may boost your hormone levels as well as speed up your metabolism, leading to a healthier you.

No longer are we forced to be handed a prescription and be on our merry way when we have an issue. As with most aliments these days hypothyroidism can be treated naturally and effectively with diet, exercise and proper natural supplementation. So, where a synthetic thyroid hormone prescribed by your doctor may be effective, talk to your doctor about the natural route first and you may be surprised.


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