Natural Sleep Aids for Adults


Authored by Malcolm Tatum in Health
Published on 12-30-2009

If you occasionally have trouble getting to sleep, there are a number of ways to deal with the problem without resorting to sleeping pills. In fact, nature has provided a wealth of ways to help your mind and body relax enough to slip into blissful sleep in a very short period of time. Here are some suggestions that may be just what you need.

One of the first things to do when you can’t sleep is talk with your doctor. Running a few tests will reveal if there is some sort of underlying physical ailment that may be making it difficult for you to get to sleep. Treating the underlying ailment can often result in restoring a regular sleep cycle, without ever having to take any type of medication specifically for inducing sleep.

Assuming that there are no physical issues that are causing the temporary insomnia, look at your general emotional state. People who are dealing with excessive stress in the workplace or the home often find it very difficult to relax at night. Finding ways to minimize the effects of the stress will do wonders for promoting restful slumber. Try meditation to help you disconnect from the cares of the day, and reach a state where sleep is possible.

When you have trouble sleeping on an irregular basis, a quick cure may be all you need to deal with the situation. Many people find that a hot cup of herbal tea thirty minutes before bedtime makes all the difference. Try a herbal fusion that contains chamomile and possibly a little mint. Both help to relax the nerves and make it easier to drift into sleep.

Ingesting tryptophan may also help promote relaxation and help you get to sleep. You can go with a supplement for a quick dose, or enjoy a light snack that contained eggs, nuts, or beans that are rich with this nutrient. Even a little hot milk contains enough of this nutrient to do the trick for some people. Tryptophan helps to ease the mind and relax the body, increasing the chances of naturally drifting off to sleep without the aid of any type of synthetic medication.

You can also use mineral supplements to help you sleep. A combination of calcium and magnesium helps to reduce nervous jitters, and promote a more serene state. Make sure to take the two in balance with one another, usually one part magnesium to two parts calcium. Within an hour or so, you should feel relaxed and able to get the rest you need.

Aromatherapy is also a good sleep aid for some people. Scents that tend to promote relaxation include lavender and vanilla. Scented potpourri is one way to go. Burning incense is often helpful, as well as using scented candles. Just make sure that the candles and incense are kept away from flammable materials. Scented votive candles that are recessed in a ceramic container are a much better option than using scented tapers. With incense, consider using cones rather than sticks, since the ashes can be contained easily in small container.

Keep in mind that not every approach works equally well for everyone. You may find that chamomile tea does nothing for you, but aromatherapy works like a charm. Try different natural methods for getting to sleep, and identify the ones that work best for you. Once you know what works, it will be much easier to deal with those nights when sleep doesn’t seem to come easily, and allow your body to get the rest it needs.


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