Natural Treatment of Pneumonia

In recent years, many people have returned to natural remedies to get better when suffering from any one of a wide variety of illnesses and conditions. If you’re one of these people, and find yourself stricken with pneumonia, there are many natural remedies you can try.

Pneumonia may be caused by viruses or toxins. It begins much like a regular cold, with fever, chills, and cough, but worsens over time. Natural treatments for pneumonia vary depending on how far the illness has progressed at the time that you begin using them.

In the beginning stages of pneumonia, a tea made from fenugreek may be used. Taken up to 4 times daily, fenugreek tea will help your body sweat the fever of pneumonia out. The use of fenugreek tea is typically associated with fasting at the same time. The amount of tea taken in daily can be reduced as your condition improves.

Other liquid concoctions that can be used to help you get over pneumonia include various juices such as parsnip, cucumber, beet, spinach, and carrot. These juices are most often taken together in a cocktail form, but parsnip juice may be taken separately. On the food side of natural treatment, garlic and sesame seeds are found to be very useful in fighting pneumonia.

Overall diet changes may also be made to prevent or treat pneumonia. If you regularly eat a balanced, healthy diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables, you will be less likely to develop pneumonia in the first place. If you do end up with pneumonia anyway, a juice-only diet is helpful in the first stages of pneumonia. Once your fever drops, you may begin taking 3 meals of fresh fruits per day until you are better.

Warm water enemas may also be helpful to you when you have pneumonia. Do not administer more than one warm water enema daily, however. To relieve chest pain caused by pneumonia, you can try rubbing turpentine oil on your chest. Wrapping your chest in cloth bandages or placing warmed towels on your chest after applying the turpentine oil can increase the effectiveness of the oil treatment.

Before trying any natural treatments or home remedies for pneumonia, you should first visit your doctor. A doctor’s visit can confirm that the condition you are suffering from is in fact pneumonia and not another, possibly more serious, condition. Your doctor can also guide your use of natural treatments for pneumonia, to make sure you are using the treatments properly and in a way that will not worsen your condition or jeopardize your overall health. If your symptoms do not go away or worsen at any time that you are using natural treatments for pneumonia, you should contact your doctor immediately. You may have developed a case of pneumonia that requires antibiotics to treat. If you work closely with your doctor and pay attention to the severity of your symptoms, natural treatments can be a great way to recover from pneumonia with no lasting effects to your overall health.


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