Natural Ways to Get Rid of Chest Congestion


Authored by Jody Morse in Health
Published on 06-19-2009

Having a cold or the flu can be really uncomfortable. Although there are over-the-counter medicines that take care of many of the symptoms, such as a runny nose and coughing, chest congestion seems to be particularly difficult to get rid of. Generally, you just have to wait it out, no matter how bad it is. Here are some of the natural ways to get rid of chest congestion.

Hot Tea

One of the best ways to cure chest congestion is to drink hot tea. The heat in the tea will help break down the mucus and relieve the problem. If you have a sore throat, it is also a great idea for you to drink hot tea. Keep in mind that hot apple cider can also be a good natural way to get rid of chest congestion. Hot cocoa will not do a good job at relieving chest congestion, mainly because it tends to be somewhat thicker than hot tea or cider.

Spicy Food

Many people feel that eating spicy food when they have chest congestion. A good spice can really work just like magic. The reason is because the spices in the food will break down the mucus and get rid of chest congestion. So, the next time that you have a cold, do not feel afraid to reach for a bowl of spicy chili or a burrito. It can really make your chest feel a lot better!

Use a Humidifier

If the room that you sleep in is very dry, then it is a good idea to get a humidifier. This is one of the best ways to naturally get rid of chest congestion. The moisture that will be added to the air will really help you breathe a whole lot easier. Even if your chest still feels slightly congested, a humidifier is likely to benefit you.

Steaming Water

Boil some water. Pour it into a bowl or mug. Linger your head above the water, and inhale the steam. This will help break up the mucus and will naturally get rid of your chest congestion. Some people also add vinegar to the water, but the steam is the main reason that this natural remedy will help relieve chest congestion.

Ice Water

Drink as much as ice water as you can when you are experiencing chest congestion. Fluids are generally recommended when trying to get rid of a cold and are said to make you feel a lot better. The reason that ice water will help get rid of the problem is because the water will thin out the mucus until it eventually goes away. By adding ice, you are adding more water for yourself to drink. Also keep in mind that ice water may help soothe a sore throat.

Chest congestion is not something that anyone wants to experience. It can really increase the overall intensity of a cold or flu. These natural ways to get rid of chest congestion may work for you.


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