Natural Ways to Get Rid of Roaches


Authored by Donna Ryan in Pest Control 
Published on 11-25-2009

Discovering a roach problem can disconcert many people but there are natural ways to get rid of these types of pests without resorting to harsh chemicals or sprays. Roaches like damp areas so it’s probably best to first caulk any places where moisture can seep through and seal small entrances or crevices.

Make sure all the crumbs in your kitchen are cleaned up as well. Sweep or vacuum any hard-to-reach areas with an attachment such as a crevice tool or brush. If you don’t have a cat now, you may think of getting one as cats will assist in eradicting any roach problems you may now have. In addition, catnip will also repel roaches as well. Therefore, use cat nip not only in the cat’s litter box, but anywhere roaches congregate such as around the outside of the house, under the sink or behind the refrigerator.

You can also get rid of roaches naturally by spraying them with a soap and water mix. The soap will cover the roach’s body so he will suffocate. Roaches do not like any spray containing citronella oil, tea tree oil or rosemary. These kinds of natural products can get rid of any roach population in a hurry.

Baking soda also works to keep roaches from increasing. Simply mix baking soda and water with any kind of sugar—brown, powdered or white—and they’ll eat it. Use small containers for your bait in order to attract and lure the roach to its untimely fate.

Another natural remedy is diatomaceous earth. This nontoxic and odorless dust is made up of very small organisms called diatoms that cause a roach to die from dehydration within hours of ingestion. Diatomaceous earth is only harmful to roaches and will not hurt pets or children.

Because roaches prefer warm, moist abodes in order to flourish, keep this in mind when you treat your home or apartment to get rid of the pests. You will often find them in bathrooms, basements, in areas around plumbing and underneath sinks. Therefore, make it a priority to seal any leaks so you can minimize any problems you have with the pests in those areas.

Also, make sure that your home is free of crumbs. As stated, make use of your vacuum cleaner’s attachments in order to do this. Whenever you finish eating, make certain that you clean up an area immediately. This will help discourage roaches from breeding. Also, put away foods such as cookies or cereals in containers that are tightly sealed. Wipe your kitchen counters and sweep any crumbs off the floor. Getting into the habit of keeping your living area free from moisture and crumbs will deter roaches significantly.

Usually you will reap good results if you follow the aforementioned methods. Just make sure that areas are dry and that crevices or any places where roaches can get in are sealed. In addition clean your kitchen as soon as you’re done eating or preparing food and you will see the results from your efforts in a short matter of time.


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