Natural Ways to Induce Testosterone


Authored by Jeremy Siek in Men’s Health
Published on 12-13-2008

Need a boost of excitement in your manly life? Then fret no more because there are natural ways in which you can increase your testosterone levels—safe, guaranteed, and inexpensive. Out of pressure, men turn to artificial ways of hot to increase testosterone. However, there are actually lots of natural and safe ways in which testosterone can be induced in the body. These natural procedures are also made easy that they can be easily observed by any men plus they are also less expensive and won’t hurt the pocket.

Natural methods of increasing testosterone levels are always a better choice than chemically-induced ones, even those that are being facilitated through surgery. As a man ages, this can be one of the toughest things that he might go through. Sex drive can be hampered with decreased levels of testosterone and this can become a serious problem between a man and his wife. This especially becomes an issue if the man has a big age gap from his wife. You can be surprised with how much important sexual activity is vital in keeping a healthy relationship.

Because of pressure, some men get easily lured with all of those medicines promising to increase testosterone levels. Men who may not be aging but may be on the border of being too feminine may also feel the pressure or measuring up to become a real man and grab those chemicals for increased testosterone. But the thing is, there are lots of natural ways for inducing testosterone which are all proven and safe and also inexpensive. Some of them are also easy to follow.

Perhaps one of the easiest and natural ways to induce testosterone levels is by using transdermal patches. You can easily find these in pharmacies. These patches are placed onto the areas which are sensitive enough to stimulate the production of testosterone. Research studies back the activity of these patches because they can help increase the wanted hormones by around 92%. Usually, these transdermal patches are being placed directly on a shaved scrotum. Shaving makes the area more vulnerable for testosterone production. You can also choose to place this somewhere on the torso or your appendages.

Aside from the patches, another natural way comes in the form of using testosterone creams. Most of these testosterone creams advise that they be applied only once everyday. These creams need not be directly applied on the sensitive areas but can be massaged onto the shoulders, stomach, thighs, and even onto the upper arms. The massages and the cream can penetrate these areas wherein testosterone can also be hidden and inch them where they should be.

And of course, perhaps the easiest and most enjoyable way of increasing testosterone is by modifying what you eat. There are certain foods which help induce this important hormone such as garlic, beef, oysters, and even broccoli. It would also be good to engage in regular exercise so that you can really make sure that your body gets a total workout and total rigid stimulation.


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