Navel Rings Are They Really Worth the Trouble?


Authored by Rodney Southern in Body Arts
Published on 03-18-2009

Navel rings are one of the most popular body piercings among young women. They are very seldom performed on men. With many women in the entertainment industry sporting navel rings there is no question how they remain popular. Women such as Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera helped boost the popularity of this piercing.

While often thought of as sexy, navel rings are by far the most difficult piercing to maintain. They are more prone to infection than other piercings, and take longer healing times. In fact navel piercings can take up to one full year to heal completely. The reason that navel rings are so difficult to maintain as well as slow to heal pertains to basic anatomy. The waist bends, and in doing so it bends the navel. In doing so the navel ring is constantly in the crossfire so to speak. It can get caught on clothes snagging the piercing in the process, as well as having the waist of pants rubbing against it. Navel rings almost beg for infection when you look at it from that vantage point.

Navel rings are performed with a needle in a tattoo parlor or body piercing shop not unlike any other body piercing. After being prepped for the piercing with an alcohol pad, the piercer will prepare the navel area further. The skin is then pulled away from the body with forceps and the area to be pierced in marked with a pen or marker of sorts. While the name is rather contradictory, navel piercings are most typically the piercing of the outer folds of the navel. Navel rings are pierced with a 14 gauge needle and a captive beaded hoop is usually given as starter jewelry.

Within 90 days, the original jewelry may be replaced. Ideal navel jewelry includes hoops, curved barbells, and jeweled barbells. Keep in mind that ornamental barbells are more likely to cause snagging. It is for this reason that many piercers advise against dangling barbells until the navel piercing is fully healed. Even then, dangly barbells are better left for showing off the midriff in clothing like bikinis as there is a less likely chance they will be snagged.

After care for navel rings requires much attention to prevent infection. The navel piercing should be cleaned several times a day with an antibacterial soap and possibly an aftercare solution. Avoid the use of peroxide as it will cause the jewelry damage. Navel piercings are quite sexy, but the maintenance and healing time generally supersedes the aesthetic adornment factor. Makes you wonder is navel piercings are really worth all the trouble or not doesn’t it?


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