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Necessary item the tag heuer female watch

  • By Julia Phillips
  • Published 12/20/2010
  • Article Writing

Wrist watches for women just as air to human beings, it is necessary item, especially in public occasion. Some ladies choose jewelry as their cloth ornament, but there are few people who have exclusive advisors to give them appropriate suggestion about dress. So the consequence of their dress is always out of their expectation. Thinking of their high taste and image, ladies tend to choose watches instead of jewelry, so wrist watches become more and more popular in current society, especially in upper class. Wearing a watch can not only reflect your time concept, but also your high taste. There are many famous world watch brand, such as Omega, TAG Heuer, Rolex and so on, each brand has its own uniqueness and story. I personally admire TAG.I love its luxury as well as the uniqueness. According to my knowledge, this kind of wristwatch is also well received by social celebrities. The TAG Heuer Carrera series is the only wrist watch series named after the Carrera race in the world, and it was destined to be closely connected with the word “classic” from its birthday. After it’s continuously efforts, it quickly becomes a masterpiece exhibiting marriage between brands and car races. The new-style Carrera female diamond wrist watch doesn’t adhere to the design of a big dial and its 27mm delicate dial indicates the beauty of female self-restraint. The sparkling brilliance of 54 top-class diamonds shines on the watch bezel and echoes with the dial of the white pearl shell and 13 diamonds of the same quality, performing a harmonious and beautiful movement. The non-screwed in watch crown shows respects to the originator of Carrera and the blue diamond crystal anti-wear case, hand-inlaid luminous pointers, refined steel watchband and immortal exquisite watch technology reveal perpetual charm silently. Nobility is shown in details and the elegant shape doubtlessly attracts the heart of every gentlewoman with good taste. I have to admit that Omega Constellation watch is the most beautiful ladies’ watch. Integrated with functions, elegance and luxury, such a model must be the perfect choice for the woman who wants to experience luxury and elegance.


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