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Necessities to have different bags for women

  • By Daniel T. Deleon
  • Published 11/10/2010
  • Fiction

Most women have special love for bags, some even are crazy at buying different kinds of bags, and prestige brands bags are the most popular with them. Some people especially men don’t understand why women need so much bags, but women have their reasons. First, things such as bags will be no longer in vogue as time goes by, and that is why even the classical brands have some changes to keep pace with time. It is obvious that you are out of vogue if you always use the same bag. In other words, women keep buying different bags to be in fashion. Second, there are lots of styles of bags, and every style has attraction for women. Take the famous brand Hermes for example, it has many series of bags such as Birkin and Kelly, and every series includes different styles. As many people know, Victoria Beckham has a preference for Hermes and she has got different styles of Hermes bags. Third, there are four seasons in a year, three months in a season, and 30 days in a month. Almost none of us wears the same clothes every day. Accordingly, why do we should use the same bag all year round. What is more, we need different styles of bags to collocate with our clothes to look harmonious. Fourth, different bags have different sizes and functions, and we need different sizes and functions at different occasions. For example, a little big and formal bag is needed on weekdays, and a casual one is better on weekends and holidays. Last but not least, the love of beauty is an essential part of all healthy human nature. It’s moral quality. Bags are beauty, it’s normal for women to have eager for bags. Therefore, if your girlfriend or your wife wants a bag, it is nice to buy one for her as possible as you can. Anyway, her love for bags is just the same as yours for football or basketball.


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