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NeedToKnow Fashion Tips for Men

These days, every self-respecting modern male is expected to have a minimum of style savvyness. The real trick is choosing clothes to express your personality and flair rather than dressing in something that makes you look like a generic, awkward mannequin in a shop window.

For those blokes who find fashion decisions rather challenging, the following guide will give you some easy dos and don’ts to help you get the effortless stylish look for that extra edge..

Male Fashion No-No’s


The homeless or caveman look is a big turn-off for the ladies. You’ll be amazed what a difference it makes to your looks if your skin is exfoliated, shaved, toned and moisturised. Rest assured that good skin care is no longer reserved for women, and never should have been.

Dark Brown and Black Colours

Mixing these two colours makes for a terrible combination. Wearing a black suit with brown shoes is one of the worst mistakes, never do it!

Unbuttoned Shirt

Unless you’re at a beach-side cafe, showing off your chest hairs in public is not a good look. Far from being sexy, it seems cheap and obnoxious. Keep your shirt reasonably buttoned, especially at night.


A cheap pair of shoes will not only look it plus feel uncomfortable, they tend to fall apart fairly quickly. It’s strongly advisable to buy two pairs of good shoes that you rotate – they will make a big difference to your style and they’ll also last longer. While you might balk at the initial price, look at them as an excellent investment that you’ll have for years.

Socks with Sandals

The general rule is that wearing socks with sandals is a no-go when out and about, and always wrong when wearing shorts. This is a traditional British fashion mistake that needs to end once and for all!

‘Funny’ T-shirts

Guys, communicating you’re a sexual man by wearing a T-shirt that says ‘Sex’ is really going to have the opposite effect. These kinds of silly T-shirts are especially not amusing to the ladies. Subtle expressions in the colours and accessories you choose will convey aspects of your personality far more effectively.

Top Fashion Tips for Men to Follow

Comfort over Style

Style must come second to comfort or you’ve become a fashion victim. So, freezing in winter to look cool with your unbuttoned leather jacket is not on – you can’t exactly look your best while trying not to shiver. Wearing a scarf or a knitted jumper can be really stylish as well as being warm, so keep good sense in mind.

Try Before You Buy

If you want your clothes to hang well on your individual body shape, you should generally always try them on instead of just paying for something that seems your size. Not only is it a hassle to exchange clothes if you get home and find they don’t fit, by trying different items on you’ll get a much better idea about what suits you.

A Good Suit

Even if you hate formal wear, it’s important to own a good suit for certain occasions like a wedding or formal dinner. Go for something with a decent cut – this investment will keep you looking sharp for years. It’s best to go to a tailor and have the suit tweaked to your exact shape – you’ll really notice the difference.

Mix Casual and Formal

This kind of style is my favourite, and works like a charm with the female persuasion too! For example, a sports jacket with a pocket square over a polo shirt with a tie combined with jeans makes for an intriguing mix that really shows a sense of style. One of my favourite fashion designers for this is Mark McNairy and his New Amsterdam label.

Colour Confidence

Traditionally, men seem to have been afraid of having too much colour in their wardrobe. Luckily, these days bold colours are definitely in as a statement of style and confidence – but be sure to contrast them with plain materials so you don’t overdo it.


Some well placed accessories are definitely effective at adding interesting flair to your look – from hip fedora hats and bracelets to the more mature route of scarves and pocket squares, give them a try to see what suits you. As with colours though, make sure you don’t overdo it.

Right Haircut

Even the best clothes can be rendered ineffective if your hair is a mess – it’s important to pay a visit to a good stylist and have them help you with a cut that suits your personality and that you can maintain on a daily basis. If you’re bald, definitely keep it shaved it for a sleek look.


The above fashion basics for men will put you on the right track to looking good while complimenting your personality. Whether you have the Mark McNairy flair to throw together an intriguing mix of casual and formal clothes or have a particular style that works for you, try to always experiment a little so that you never get boring.

About the Author: Anastasia Koko is an independent clothing retailer and Mark McNairy fashion enthusiast.


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