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NeedToKnow Guide on Apple iPhones

Apple’s iPhones have enjoyed tremendous success in the consumer marketplace. Their crystal clear display, range of useful and fun apps plus user friendly features have made these smartphone models a must-have item for many.

The following guide will explore some important ins and outs of iPhones as well as your buying options, so you can decide whether they will be the right choice for your needs.

Introducing Apple iPhones

The original iPhone, first released by Steve Jobs in January 2007, wowed the public with its cool design and user friendly capabilities – features such as its screen size, button placement, multi-media abilities and multi-touch functionality have set precedents for all smartphone manufacturers.

iPhone functionality includes a video-camera, texting, portable media player and Internet client which allows you to browse, email and have Wi-Fi connectivity.

What impressed users most is their customer friendly interface, which has a well designed multi-touch screen that allows you to easily access a sophisticated range of applications, such as games, GPS navigation, social networking and other media.

The iPhone 4

Introduced in June 2011, the iPhone 4 now has a better processing speed, two cameras for FaceTime video calling and a higher resolution display. All in all, they continue to grow in popularity as a result of their style, sophisticated functionality and helpful applications.


The iPhone 4’s major difference compared to earlier models is that it has a new operating system, called iOS4. This brings a wealth of fresh functionalities, such as being able to organise your applications into folders and generally being able to multi-task better than ever before.

In appearance, the iPhone 4 has done away with the curved plastic of earlier models. It now sports a more squared shape with stainless steel shell as well as thinner glass to boast a sleeker appearance.

What’s more, the display screen has an enhanced resolution that users describe as making website text look almost like the printed word.

Another notable change to previous models is that it supports a significantly improved video camera which delivers five-megapixel performance; both a front and back facing camera for photos and video calling, a LED flash and a longer-lasting battery.

Options for iPhone Buyers

While you’ll generally get a free iPhone with a good mobile phone contract, buying the latest model will set you back a pretty penny.

Do remember that as with shopping around for any item, the most crucial thing to consider is your usage habits, so you can find a network deal that matches your individual needs.

If you want to get your hands on an iPhone, these are your main options:


When comparing the contract deals that different providers offer, an important consideration is the length you sign up for – if you’re the type of person who simply has to have the latest new gadgets, you could end up frustrated by being tied down to a 24 month contract when the next iPhone model is released. Nevertheless, the longer your contract, the better the deal you’ll secure.

Also be aware of choosing a good multi-media allowance package – even with reasonably heavy use, most people won’t exceed more than 500MB of data per month, so don’t let a provider tempt you into paying extra for more. On the other hand, be sure that the amount of Internet use you’re liable to undertake will be sufficiently covered in your package.


While taking a SIM-only package means you’ll pay full price for your iPhone handset, you will save significantly in the long run on tariffs because an unlocked mobile will allow you to join any network that offers the best deal. You’ll also be able to enjoy the flexibility of snapping up the next release of iPhone as soon as it arrives on the marketplace, without worrying about being locked into to a lengthy contract.


These days providers are offering an increasing range of iPhone deals under Pay-As-You-Go packages, where you won’t have to sign a contact. These types of deals are great if you don’t use your phone much, but if you plan to use multi-media and Internet alot, you might fare better on a contact or SIM-only package which will offer you more free usage and other perks.


There’s no question that Apple’s iPhones are some of the most stylish handsets available on the marketplace. When considering buying one, be sure to shop around for a deal that suits both your budget and your usage needs. A good way forward to help you narrow down your search is to read iPhone reviews online.

About the Author: Michael Dehomme is an electronics repair shop owner and iPhone fan.


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