Nervous Breakdown Signs And Symptoms

Though the term nervous breakdown isn’t a medical diagnosis, the stress many people are under on a daily basis often have them concerned that they may be headed for or even having a nervous breakdown. Is there a way to tell if you are having a nervous breakdown? Yes and no.

The term nervous breakdown is used by many people to explain a wide range of mental and emotional symptoms such as overwhelming anxiety, depression, lack of energy or motivation, or even a general lack of interest in their usual activities. These are also symptoms of depression and as such knowing the signs of depression can help in identifying the possibility that you are having a nervous breakdown.

Any changes in your physical, emotional or behavioral patterns that persist or worsen over a period of several weeks should be brought to the attention of your doctor who can check for any underlying medical conditions and offer recommendations or treatment.

Physical Symptoms

Bowel changes, back pain, breathing difficulties,heart palpitations (sudden pounding in your chest or fluttering feelings) and menstrual cycle disruptions can all have a medical reason but are often also a sign that your body is under excessive stress which could lead to a nervous breakdown.

Emotional Symptoms

Emotional symptoms which may indicate you are having a nervous breakdown include excessive worry. A feeling of being constantly overwhelmed or out of control, confusion, guilt and the inability to know what to do next may all indicate either a nervous breakdown or severe depression.

Behavioral Symptoms

Behavioral symptoms indicating a nervous breakdown or depression can include an intolerance for loud noises, mood swings and losing your temper for no apparent reason. Preoccupation with overwhelming worries, withdrawing from normal life and activities and isolating yourself from others are all reasons to check with your doctor about the possibility that you may be suffering from depression or a nervous breakdown.

Controlling stress in our lives or at least finding ways to manage it on a daily basis can help prevent major concerns of a nervous breakdown or depression. There are many factors that we can’t control and as such many of us may wonder from time to time if we are having a nervous breakdown.

There are some people who say if you think you are having a nervous breakdown or ‘going crazy’, you probably aren’t because if you were its not likely you would know it. However, if constant stress and anxiety is affecting your day to day activities to the point that you are asking yourself that question do seek medical help.

Don’t let embarrassment, fear or concern for letting others down keep you from taking care of yourself.  Calling the problem anxiety, panic attacks, depression or a nervous breakdown simply means its time to seek answers and solutions before a nervous breakdown of any type occurs.


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