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Neu Year Calendar Review


Neu Year Calendar 27″ x 39″

The Neu Year Calendar is a very visually clean and appealing calendar that is great for helping you to quickly see your full year of plans at a glance.  Jessee, one of the creative minds behind the Neu Year Calendar was kind enough to send over two samples for the review, so a big thanks to him for making the review possible.


The 2013 Neu Year Calendar

The Neu Year Calendar is pretty flexible in terms of the options it is available in.  If you head on over to the Neu Year Calendar Product Page, you will see that there is an academic version and regular calendar version.  Each of the two versions comes in a dry erase version or a regular writable version, and they all can be used in either the  portrait or landscape version simply by flipping it to the other side.


Neu Year Calendar Up Close

The orientation of the calendar gives it an uninterrupted flow by running the months and days right up to one another without any gaps between the days or months.  Personally I’m a big fan of the landscape orientation with the dry erase surface.  With its poster sized 27 inches by 39 inches layout it makes it really easy to try and plan projects or events that  span the course of more than one month.  Being a visual person myself, this makes it much easier for me to organize and plan while making heavy use of the dry erase flexibility.  Hanging the calendar was pretty simple, but since it was shipped rolled up in a tube it takes a day or two of laying them flat with some books or something heavy on top of them.  Once you have done this and flattened them out from the curling, you can use a few 3M Command Poster Strips to hang them on your wall.  I do however like the look of using big clips to hang it from too, as pictured in the photo on their website.  I think it gives it more of an industrial look and feel in my opinion.

This is kind of a simple and elegant concept and it is done really well.  If you need some help getting organized this year, and you want a calendar that is clean, simple, and elegant I’d recommend picking up the dry erase version of the Neu Year Calendar.  They also have an offer for 20% off if you Tweet about them, click the link for details.

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