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Never regret losing again the story of my wallet and i

  • By Donald Medrano
  • Published 01/24/2011
  • Writing

Every time I see my favorite wallet with a nice heart shape decorated with a twinkled word “LOVE”, I will remind Lisa, my ex-girlfriend. Everything of her – her appearance, her voice, her smile, even her smell – seems still all that familiar to me. However, I know that she will never come back to my life. This time it is for sure, not like the time when two years ago everyone except me thought she won’t go back. Nevertheless, this time it is me that let her go, and I have never regretted having done that.Lisa and I had been lovers for six years. One day, we both loved the lovely wallets for the first sight when we shopped online. So we bought two identical ones. Those wallets had been our favorite token for long.However,God played a huge joke on us just two days before I made a proposal to her. The flight crashed when she flew back to me after going on business abroad. It was reported that no one survived on the flight. That horrible accident shocked everyone, and I was one of those in extreme depression. Whereas, believe it or not, a strange but certain idea occurred to my mind time and again – she was still alive.Three months ago, I did see her – not in my dream but real life. Although I had dreamed about the scene for thousands of time, I was still astonished when I really see her. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first and she might be someone else, but even her pace looked that like my dear Lisa. I stopped there, hesitating. Not until I saw our favorite wallet when she took it out to buy something did I make sure that was really her. She was looking for me! However, why a young man was with her hand?I rushed to her, trying to embrace her regardless of the man. To my great amazement, Lisa stayed away from me and threw herself on the man’s embrace scarily. What’s wrong? “She’s MY girlfriend!” I shouted to the man. “Sorry, but I think you’ve made a mistake. She’s mine.” said the man. I was totally puzzled and sad, following them vanishing from my eyes. I dragged my pace slowly, reluctant to wonder what all those things about. Perhaps I did make a mistake from the very first; she was dead as everyone thought. Suddenly a man pat me on the shoulder, it was the very man who accompanied Lisa. “I’m very sorry. I don’t know she had a boyfriend before. She survived a flight crash but lost all her memory. I saved her and she relies much on me now.” he says, “but she is always seizing the wallet closely and wondering something. Is it you that sent her it?” “Yeah,” tears burst into my eyes: “Thank you very much. Please help me take care of her.” If you have a deep love in someone, you should let him or her be happy and bless him or her. The author is a copywriter concentrating on movado watches.



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