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Never Touch A Life If You Mean To Break A Heart

  • By Tenzin Pemo
  • Published 01/24/2012
  • Article Writing

If you are that type of person that is a player in a relationship, then you better stop it. Its not fun pin breaking peoples heart. It will affect everything from a person and it would certainly make changes on how they see themselves when it comes to love. Sometimes hurting someone can also be suicidal, you don’t know the risk that will happen. So if you have no intention at all to love that person, then just let them go. They deserve way better than been playing off.

When you begin with this relationship, it is so easy that it all comes out naturally. You can’t decide or force yourself in who to love, it all happens in a split of second and you are surprise that you keep on thinking about this very person everyday. But in every relationship, there is always an ups and downs. At first everything run so well, but in the end, it is just so hard to understand each other especially if both of you don’t agree a lot even at the most least things that would have cause a fight. That very little things and turns out as an argument can be real

ly frustrating. We all get hurt when we fall in love, even if we end up with them anyway. We also feel pain even if you are still in a running relationship. Each of us has their own wants and needs. We don’t really know what we need, but we certainly know what we want. If you want something or someone pretty badly, then its your choice whether to make a move or just sit around and wait for things to happen. Love is actually never an emotion, but its a feeling that had made us decide impossible things. Things that we can’t no longer imagine just because of love. Love only shows best in its actions and never the words.

So to know if that person really loves you, its not from what you hear but how it shows. It can be very complicated but lives decision will always be complicated at first especially when the things we choose are the wrong ones. We don’t really know what is the right choice, but it certainly shows on what we decide in order to know if we did made the right choice. If we didn’t, then it would be a lesson learned in the future. That decision are always there, decision that were made out of love.


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by Tenzin Pemo



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