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New Home Construction in Maryland An Approach for Going Green

  • By Excel Builders
  • Published 02/25/2012
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Most of the people want to have their own home and Maryland is a great place to live and settle. Sometimes, a home that is already constructed may not suit your family needs. If it is so then it is really time to look for New Home Builders in Maryland. When you do this, the new home construction process will take all of your needs into consideration. Such a home is built by incorporating all the specifications that you wish to have. It can be made in a fashion that suits your lifestyle and your tastes.

Therefore it is imperative to find out about a proper Construction Company in Maryland that has a considerable experience in this area. As building a home is a considerable investment, you must be sure about the company and their expertise in making homes within a specific budget. This is one of the several characteristics of good Construction Companies in Delaware. A company that has more than seven years of experience in the construction business and generally having a good reputation should be one of the points of consideration before giving them the building contract.

Today due to increased environmental awareness, the focus is shifting towards technology that is safe for the ecology in direct or indirect terms. New home constructionis adapting quickly to these changes. People are also enthusiastic about this. Excel Builders are at the forefront of this green revolution. They are implementing Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) in building construction, which acts as the cast in place permanent building insulation framework. The floors, walls and roofs are made from them by just interlocking and dry stacking. They are filled with concrete to give the main structure for the building.

The ICF homes are 50% to 70% more energy efficient as the heating and cooling costs are reduced. These structures are very reliable and have the capacity to withstand a level 5 hurricane. The families who have opted for these energy efficient homes from a Construction Company in Maryland reported a considerable drop in their energy bills related to heating or air conditioning.



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