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New Jawns Notebook Colors and Passports

Not too long ago we did a review of the Jawns wallet and notebook in one.  It was a great way to travel with a (replaceable) notebook while also storing some cash and a few credit cards.  Today there is a new version of the Jawns notebook (via Kickstarter) that not only comes in different colors, but that also can store a passport, making it even more practical.


If you missed the original Jawns review that we did, check it out so you can see how awesome this little notebook is.  Back then it didn’t have the space for a passport, nor did it come in these new colors/themes that you see below.  Oh, and none of them come with that 100 Trillion Zimbabwean bill either, which by the way wasn’t a bad investment.  I spent $4 each on a few of those back in 2013 and now they appear to be selling for about $20-$25 on eBay.  I wish my real investments did that well, this was totally just dumb luck on my part.

Each of the four styles/colors above store a replaceable notebook (with diamond grid ruling) and offer two pockets on the left inside cover for credit cards, a large utility pocket on the right inside cover, and of course a main compartment that runs the length of it to store currency.  Personally I’m a big fan of the stealthy looking Midnight Incline version, but I do love the concept of the travel themed Land, Air, and Sea options.  Its really a great idea for the minimalist that is looking to reduce the things that they carry on a daily basis, or on special trips.  At the time of writing this the Jawns Passport and color options Kickstarter project was getting close to being half funded with 28 days left, so I’m thinking this one should eventually reach its goal.  If you are someone that likes to keep things simple, I’d highly recommend funding this over on Kickstarter, you won’t regret it.

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