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New Limited Edition Moleskine Journals


I usually make it a point to go to the Stationery Show each year, but this year the timing just won’t work for me, and I’m already regretting all of the cool stuff I’m going to miss out on.  One of the things I’ll miss the most is seeing all of the new branded limited edition Moleskine journals. They usually have a bunch of new stuff, but with some digging on Amazon I was able to unearth a few of them for now anyway, like the Beauty and the Beast version above that was released in March (buy via Amazon)


If you like Disney, but Beauty and the Beast isn’t your thing, Moleskine has you covered with some Snow White licensed journals as well.  The above Snow White Dress version can be found here on Amazon for pre-order.


If you have a bit more of a mean streak in you, you can go with the Snow White Evil Queen version of the Moleskine journal that is also available for pre-order here from Amazon.


If you like the whole mean and evil theme, but a Queen isn’t really your deal, you can celebrate your inner holiday Grinch with the Moleskine Limited Edition Grinch journals too. (pre-order via Amazon)rolling-stones-moleskine-1256530

Lastly, Moleskine has several denim covered limited edition journals, and several Rolling Stones limited edition journals, but its the mix of the two that I think makes for the coolest of them all.  The above shows both the denim cover with the classic lips logo right dead center on the front cover.  This one is also available for pre-order on Amazon.

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