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New Saddleback Leather

I was all excited to do an ink review today, and after testing and retesting the ink, I found out too late in the game that my Microsoft Lifecam doesn’t want to work with Windows 10.  Instead of a review today though I’ve got one great deal and a few awesome new products from Saddleback Leather.  First up is the Pilot Precise V7 RT Box of 12, its an amazing pen that probably doesn’t get enough attention for the quality it provides at such a great price.  If you search on Amazon for it, you won’t get this particular seller for some reason and I only found it by accident.  You need to click on this Amazon link and then scroll down a bit below the “Add to Cart” options where it says “Other Sellers on Amazon” and find “Advantage Gifts” as the seller.  I’ve got no affiliation with the seller (although I am an Amazon affiliate), but did look at their feedback from customers and it seems pretty stellar.   At $20.95 and free shipping, this is one of the best prices you will find on this item anywhere I’ve checked.

I’m still a huge fan of my old Saddleback Leather Briefcase, but they now have a new front pocket version as pictured above that as the name implies, has two front pockets.

Here is another picture with the flap open so you can see the two front pockets a bit better. I like the design, but I do recommend that you leave the gun at home if you are using this bag for work.  I also like that its got what they bill as a “pen or cigar” holder between the two front pockets, but I’m not sure about the paperback book thats sticking out on the right side as it looks like the pocket isn’t big enough to close with the book in there, although I guess the large flap looks like it would still close and protect the book.  I’m half tempted to give one of these a shot as a replacement to my old one, which was reviewed here if you missed it.  There are also quite a few other new products and smaller accessories available at Saddleback Leather that won’t run you anywhere near the $500+ that the briefcase will.

Now, if anyone can give me a good recommendation for a webcam that plays nice with Windows 10 I can get that ink review up soon too, feel free to leave a comment if you are a Windows 10 guinea pig and have any suggestions.

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