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New Sharpie Pen Colors and an Improved Design


New Color Sharpie Pens – Turquoise, Clover, Watermelon, and Hot Pink

New versions, colors and designs of the Sharpie Pen are always a highly anticipated event, and the release of these new colors and design are no different. The 4 new colors of Sharpie Pens are a bit outside your standard palate of colors and include Turquoise, Clover, Watermelon, and Hot Pink.


New Color Sharpie Pens Tips and Body Design

Besides the pens themselves being redesigned, you might also notice that the package has also been redesigned with a mostly white package and green accents, so keep an eye out for that next time you are strolling the aisles of your favorite office supply store.

We will get to looking at the new colors here in a second, but to me the most important thing about these new colors has to do with the physical design.  In previous reviews I’ve complained that the edge of the grip section is a bit rough against your fingers while writing:

If I could modify the pens grip a bit, I think it would be perfect, but I just wasnt totally comfortable writing with it because of how the barrel of the pen abruptly ends right before the grip section begins.  It creates a slightly rough edge which is a little too close to where I hold the pen.


New Smoother and More Comfortable Grip Section on the Sharpie Pen

Having been hung up on that rough edge for a while, I tended to stick with the Sharpie Pen Grip as my Sharpie Pen of choice, to avoid that uncomfortable situation, but now as you can see from the photo above, Sharpie has enhanced the grip section.  Maybe its hard to tell from the photo, but if you click on it for a bigger version, you can see it in better detail.  If you look at the area past the grey/silver markings on the body of the pen where there is a black ring, you can see that the black ring has a squared off rough edge.  If you look at the new version of the pen in the foreground, you can see that the edge has been rounded.  Now this may seem minor, but to me it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to the writing experience because you no longer have that rough edge rubbing against your finger when you write.

New Sharpie Pen Colors writing sample.


Sharpie Pen Writing Sample Comparing the New and Old Colors – Click the Image for a Closer Look

Just like all of the other Sharpie Pens, the ink in these is smear resistant, water-resistant, acid free, and nontoxic.  The Turquoise, Clover, and Watermelon colors are all a bit lighter in color while the Hot Pink has a more bold tone to it, however all of the colors are quite vibrant and eye-catching just like all of the other Sharpie Pen colors.  In the writing sample above, if you click on it you will see that there is a comparison of the new colors to their closest match of the older colors to give you some idea how they compare.

Overall I’ve always been a big fan of the Sharpie Pens, and these are no exception.  The new Sharpie pen colors are great, but even better is the enhanced grip section that makes writing with these much easier on the fingers.  I only hope that the other standard colors will get to see this new body design in the near future.

Now…on to the giveaway!  Two lucky readers will win a pack of the 4 new Sharpie Pen colors for themselves by following the entry rules and guidelines below:


  1.  Contest is open to US Residents only.
  2. Entries must be completed no later than 11:59 PM Eastern Standard time on Saturday, August 20th.
  3. Winners will be posted on Sunday, and will have one week from that announcement to claim their prize.
  4. Winners will be selected by the Random.org random number generator, and all decisions are final.

How to Enter:

  1.  Leave a comment below for your first entry.
  2.  Retweet the following “Enter to win brand new colors of the @Sharpie Pen from @OfficeSupplyGee http://goo.gl/zV6Pb #giveaway” and come back here to leave an additional new comment with a link to your status update for that tweet.  To get the link to your status update, just click on the time stamp below your tweet.
  3. Sign up for the newsletter and monthly giveaway and come back leaving an additional comment letting us know you are signed up for it.  If you are already signed up, simply leave another comment stating that you were previously signed up.  This gets you an extra entry for this contest, but automatically enters you in our monthly giveaway to win a fountain pen, notebook, and ink.

Overall, that’s 3 separate comments to leave that can get you 3 separate entries to win.  Good luck!

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