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New york fashion week spring/summer season 2011

  • By firles venkey
  • Published 03/16/2011
  • Fiction

The New York 2011 Spring and Summer Fashion week from September 8th has presented us with the latest collections of 2011. Though now it is no longer considered new, still, we can have a closer look at the fashion items, which will become the hottest stuff next year, to get some hint about the trendy elements. From that beginning of the Week, the site of fashion week was changed from Bryant Park to Lincoln center. It didn`t mean the changes of New York fashion week was as easy as moving from one park to another. After all, the new site was the whole Lincoln center. Designers from each brand poured into a lot of painstaking care. Different styles will meet different needs of the public. No matter from the Wall street elite female images of Alexander Wang, or the fur style from Channel, chivalrousness from Dior, 70s American sport style of MacGibbon, detective style from Hermes, no one does not show the thinking of designers. This time, Channel adopted man-made fur instead of real fur. Compared with before, the products of this season from Channel tend closer to C-design, but not ready-to-wear. Hermes continues the style of its 2010 autumn and winter garments. Sherlock Holms style still prevails. Hats and umbrellas in Sherlock Holms style appeared almost in every model`s head and hand. Sherlock Holms style long wind coats with the hats and umbrellas spread out heroic spirit and sagacity. No matter you are a Holms` fan or not, you will love them at the first sight. In every model`s hand, there is an Hermes handbag. The colors are still the classic ones, such as black, brown, grey, orange etc. It is thus clear that owning several Hermes handbags in classic colors is so important. You can make them go well with your dressings in every season. Compared with other brands, I still love Hermes. The garments from Hermes always show females tall and beautiful figures. Although the designs are simple and colors are not as fresh as Channel, the noble temperament with Hermes clothes and handbags is unique. No matter of Hermes garments, or Hermes handbags, such as Hermes Birkin, Hermes Kelly, both of them can be called good partners to make you confident and noble. They are like supernatural spirits who always send out marvels unexpectedly. With the the help of all the fashion weeks, we can expect the fashion trends next year. Isn’t it a pretty exciting thing? So are you ready? Join the fashionistas and make yourself the fashion queen in next spring! The author is a copywriter focusing on replica football jerseys.



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