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Nexus watches maintain reputation of swiss watchmaking expertise

  • By Dave Flores
  • Published 11/10/2010
  • Fiction

In this modern world, people still try to keep in step with the trend when they are on the go every day. Fashionistas have long been obsessed with watches, as an accessory both beautiful and pratical. When people are looking for superior quality watches, there are several factors with the basic watch design which are often overlooked. To solve this problem, we are to look at the wide range of Nexus watches known for their reliability, unique styles and excellent precision. Among all of the Nexus watches, the most famous is surely the Chronograph series which are water resilient to a depth of 300 meters. This watch basically comes with a case and band. Both the case and the band are made up of stainless steel, which gives this sporty watch a hint of dressy appearance also. Made of precious silver metal, the dial face look fabulous. This type of watch is provided with a stainless steel bezel, a Swiss motion and a mineral crystal. The prices of most Chronograph watches are ranging from 400 to 600 dollars. Nexus sports watches are made with Swiss chronograph motion and are designed with a sporty, yet classy appearance that can be furnished up or down for any incidence. Nexus watches show us a wonderful unification of modern and traditional styles.  

Every other Nexus watch makes a beau

tiful accessory. Nexus is an ardent manufacturer of both men’s and women’s wrist watches. The men’s white dial two tone stainless steel which is equipped with gold tone hands and roman numerals of the white dial is well received by watch lovers. The watch case is furnished with properly brushed and polished stainless steel. In addition, the bracelet of the properly brushed stainless steel watch is polished with yellow gold tone accent. The Swiss quartz movements and mineral crystals of Nexus watches gives a clandestine hint of antique Swiss craft making skills. This watch is water resistant to a depth of 100 meters and thus totally suitable for sporty display of adventure and grandeur. The bezel material is also polished with gold tone stainless steel. Nexus watch is a contemporary ornament for revealing the featured precision of Swiss chronographic movement with exceptional beauty. Most of the Nexus watches keep people up-to-date with the settings of date which proves very helpful to the people ofthen working in different time zones. 

All of these fantastic qualities of Nexus watches are to maintain the reputation of Swiss watch making expertise, with a perfect blend of old Swiss craft making and new modern passion. So, if you are on the seek for fine timepieces of luxurious looks and excellent quality within reasonable prices, you can go for the Nexus watches and they won’t let you down.



by Dave Flores


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