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No. Va. Real Estate: Why You Need and Ally

Since 2008, the real estate market across the country has been fluctuating tremendously. What was a sellers’ market prior to August of that year quickly became a buyers’ market as uncertainty in the true value of real estate came under question. These times affected no. VA real estate as well and caused a fluctuation in prices throughout the region. With new rules and regulations in both financing and appraisals, and a considerable amount of increased paperwork, now, more than ever, it is important to find a Realtor in Virginia that can be your ally as you set out to find a new home.

Buying or selling a home for the first time can whittle away the strength of even the most organized and tenacious buyer or seller. The sale of a home involves an intricate agreement based on appraisals, financing and inspections. Each of these industries have a set of rules and a process that must be followed closely. In many cases it takes years of formal education and on-the-job experience to understand each individually. A good Virginia Realtor not only understands the basics of these industries, but knows who to work with in the No. Va. real estate market to make sure your transaction is accomplished as smoothly as possible.

Besides the technical details, a Realtor is your ally in understanding the towns, neighborhoods and cities in Northern Virginia. This is important as a buyer or a seller because a Realtor acts as an informational database about what is around your home or future home. All good Realtors understand details of your neighborhood school district, local businesses, tax estimates, crime statistics and vicinity to public transportation and other services like the library, hospitals, etc. If you are buying a home, these are important questions to know before you choose a new home. If you are selling your home, you want your Realtor to have this information for prospective buyers.

One of the main reasons to hire a Realtor is to handle the ugly task of negotiating the price of the home. This task involves much more than just bartering for a price that you are willing to pay or sell for. Negotiating a price for your home involves understanding appraisals, inspection reports and closing costs and knowing what to do with them. It involves knowing what to ask for and when to ask for it without being unreasonable or jeopardizing the sale. This is where an experienced Realtor will shine and they will often come up with offers and counter-offers involving savings that you never knew you could ask for.

The current North Virginia real estate market may be changing, but the way an experienced Realtor works within that market shouldn’t. That’s why at Debbie Dogrul Associates we maintain our mission to provide clear, concise technical support; honest and valuable neighborhood information and work to get the best price for the home whether you are buying or selling. Because no matter how much things change, good service from your Realtor should never change. Call and let us be your ally.

I am Penkey Peterson. I have been working as a realtor in Virginia for 5 years. Here, I am sharing some information on real estate va.


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