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Nock Co Dot Dash Index Cards


Nock Co Dot Dash Index Card Ruling Orange

So in addition to all of the cool pen cases that Brad from the Pen Addict has been selling over at his newly founded Nock.Co he also has some pretty nice and unique 3×5″ dot dash note cards that I picked up a few weeks ago.  I’ve been using them and enjoying them for a while now so I figured it was time to share them here already.  As you can see from the above photo they have a pretty cool dot and dash grid pattern.  I’m not sure if this reminds me more of Morse Code or an old school fighter jet video game missile lock heads up display…random, I know but i keep seeing it when I look at the pattern this closely.


Nock Co Dot Dash Index Cards Package

The Nock Co Dot Dash 3×5″ note cards come in packages of 50 and can be had in either orange or blue, or if you want to be super accurate the colors are actually Amber which is Pantone 143 and Dusty Blue which is Pantone 9423.  Each of the colors has the distinctive dot and dash grid pattern on the front and back of the cards and the individual grid boxes measure 4.25mm square.


Nock Co Dot Dash Index Card Ruling Up Close

Writing on the Nock Co 3×5 note cards with a variety of pens has proven to be a great experience.  I have yet to come across a pen or fountain pen and ink combination that has yielded poor results.  Above you can see a few fountain pen samples including Caran d’ Ache Infinite Grey as well as Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts and neither showed any spreading or feathering on this smooth 80lb white card stock.  I also had great success with Sharpie Pens, Gel Ink Pens, Ballpoint and Jetstreams as well as the occasional pencil on these note cards.  Obviously nothing including the fountain pens ended up showing through to the back side of the cards.  Oh, and to save you some extra math conversions, the 4.25mm individual grid boxes scale up to a 1 inch square if you group them into 6×6 chunks.


Nock Co Dot Dash Index Card Writing Sample Side by Side

Here is a more straight on and full view of the writing samples of each dot dash note card.  The left is the Amber and the right is the Dusty Blue version.  The writing samples are identical excluding the 1 inch square box at the bottom of each.  These squares were both written using a Paper Mate Flair Ultra Fine marker and done with the color that most closely corresponded with the color of the dot dash grid pattern on that particular note card.  The Nock Co. 3×5 dot dash note cards definitely live up to some high standards and are not only a pleasure to use, but also are a pretty unique item.  Also if you want to see some other reviews and see how additional fountain pen inks held up on these, check out the reviews at Clicky Post and at The Well Appointed Desk.

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