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Nock Co Lookout 3 Pen Holder

As part of our sponsorship with the lovely folks over at Goldspot, they share stuff with us from time to time for reviews, so today because of their generosity we are going to take a look at the Nock Co. Lookout 3 Pen Holder.  The colorway we are looking at here today is the Peacock Coal but you can also snag one in the Coffee and Amethyst colorway or Raven and Aqua here on the Goldspot site.

The Peacock Coal colorway when closed shows some nice contrasting grey stitching against the main Peacock (kind of like a turquoise) backdrop of the majority of the body.  Once you un-tuck the flap and expose the inside you get to see a lot more of that lovely gray that really pops out against the Peacock coloring.  Opening the case is simple, but there is enough friction due to the texture of the material so that it doesn’t just easily slide open for your pens to slide out and be left unprotected.

The Nock Co Lookout is designed to hold 3 of your favorite pens.  Each of the holsters under the flap on my case had slightly different widths.  They were just enough to notice if you slip a finger in to measure or feel how tight they are, but none of my pens felt like they were going to slide out.  The material is nice and thick to offer great protection, but you should note that you will want to make sure the clips on your pens are also tucked into the sleeve as pictured above.  Because of the thickness of the material I wouldn’t want to leave the clips on the outside of the sleeve as it would create a bit more stress on the clips over a period of time than I’d be comfortable with.  Even with my Pelikan M805 which is my biggest and thickest pen, it fit in the sleeve, clip and all with no issues.

Since I mentioned the largest pen I tucked into my Nock Co Lookout, I should mention the two other pens.  In the center is a Pelikan M205 demonstrator, and on the right is a TWSBI Diamond Mini.  The Pelikan is a bit more narrow, and as you can see, the TWSBI is quite a bit shorter with only a tiny bit of the cap peeking out.  Since we are talking size here, its worth noting that overall, the Nock Co Lookout 3 pen holder measures 3.5″ x 6″ when closed.


These next two pictures are going to look pretty similar, but what I’m trying to show is the versatility of the Nock Co Lookout in terms of the sizes of pens it can comfortably and safely hold.  In this first picture above, it still has all 3 pens previously mentioned, with the Pelikan M805 being the largest and longest.  As you can see the flap tucks under the strap comfortably and leaves a short amount of extra material sticking out.  In this state the Lookout stays confidently shut even with this large pen in there.

For this next picture I removed the Pelikan M805 and only left the smaller Pelikan M205 and TWSBI Diamond Mini.  Leaving only these two shorter pens in there, I was able to tug the flap down and pull it much further through the horizontal strap.  This not only makes for a nice snug fit for pens of any size, but it also allows you to have a case that gets smaller as needed and can take up less room in your pocket or bag which is obviously a pretty unique and very nice trait for this pen case. Its almost as if a dude who reviewed pens for years on end came up with this design. Hey Brad!

Not much going on in the back of the Nock Co Lookout, but to be honest thats exactly what I like to see.  Nock Co does a great job with minimizing the branding and marketing with logos and such and keeps it to a minimum with just a simple tag on the side.  There are a lot of things to like about the Nock Co Lookout and you are a big fat dummy if you don’t get one to protect and carry your favorite pens. So unless you are a big fat dummy, check them out here at Goldspot and grab yourself one or a hundred and one, you wont regret it, I promise.  Thanks again to the folks at Goldspot for sending this over!

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