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Nock Co Pen Case The Brasstown


Nock Co Roll Up Pen Case – The Brasstown

If you haven’t heard already, our friend Brad from The Pen Addict Blog has a Kickstarter Project under way for his awesome new Nock Co Pen Cases.  With Brad’s well deserved reputation as the internet’s biggest pen expert, its no surprise to see that the Kickstarter project which had a modest goal of raising $5,000 has far surpassed that threshold.  As I write this, the project has just over $37,000 funded by almost 1,000 supporters.  Before we dig in to look at this I just want to provide full disclosure and say that Brad sent this over to me for the review free of charge.


Nock Co Brasstown Pen Case Unrolled with Six Pens

This particular Nock Co Pen Case holds up to six good sized pens or pencils and rolls in such a way that the clips never bang up against each other.  To give you some perspective on the length of the roll up portion of the pen case, the section that holds the six pens measures 7 inches across and the sleeves are just a hair short of 5 inches deep.


Nock Co Brasstown Pen Case Pen Sleeves

The section where you store your pens has an extra 1.25″ of fabric to the right where you see the Nock Co label tab against the black edge.  This extra length on the roll up section of the pen case serves the important task of laying over the first pen clip and keeping the pens from rubbing up against one another.  This is a key element in protecting your pens from damaging each other.


Nock Co Brasstown Pen Case Protecting Your Pen Clips

The next photo here shows that extra length of pack cloth folding over the top and clip of the first pen in the roll.  This creates the first barrier between pen number one and two in line in the pen case.  As you continue to roll to the left this pattern of keeping some cloth between the pen bodies and clips continues.  A simple detail but one that is essential and should not be overlooked when shopping for the best pen case to protect your pens.


The Nock Co Brasstown Pen Case Full of Pens and Rolled Up

Here is a top view of the pens rolled up and protected within the sleeve of the Brasstown pen case.  You can see here how none of the pen clips or bodies are touching each other to avoid damage.   Because this picture of my blue Nock Co pen case is pretty dark, I feel compelled to tell you that you need to check out the actual Kickstarter Project page to see some of the other brighter colors that this is available in, not to mention the variety of other styles for your pens and even your notebooks too.


Nock Co Brasstown Pen Case Extra Storage

Once you have all of your pens, pencils or markers rolled up the sleeve tucks neatly into the body of the pen case.  With the pens protected by the pack cloth you can even store additional items in the extra space within the body of this pen case.  I was able to fit a replacement pack of mechanical pencil lead, some replacement erasers, a stainless steel sharpie and some pen refills in the Brasstown by Nock Co.


The Nock Co Pen Case Close Up

Having one of these awesome Nock Co pen cases in my hand I can tell you that the materials and stitching seem nearly indestructible under most normal circumstances.  The materials feel solid, the zipper has a nice easy to grip pull, and it glides up and down effortlessly without any snags.  Interestingly enough Brad did mention that he hopes to improve on these early prototypes once they can put money from the Kickstarter funding to use to get some even better equipment.


Nock Co Brasstown Pen Case Label Symbol

One last minor but cool detail on the Nock Pen cases is on the reverse side of the tag with their logo on it.  I had to shoot Brad an email to see what this symbol was all about, and as soon as he told me I had to laugh because it just made so much sense for a product from him.  He told me that it is actually the word Nock written in Japanese, which I assume is a tip of the hat to the world of awesome Japanese pens that you can quite often find Brad using and writing about.

I’ll tell you right now that the quality on these pen cases is as good as it gets, so you certainly won’t regret supporting this Kickstarter project.  For me though, it goes beyond that.  Supporting a small business with products made in the US by someone that has been essential to getting the word out about awesome pens and pen related products is just a great feeling.  Even though Brad was kind enough to send this sample over for free, I’ve also already pledged money to get myself two more of his pen cases.  One last thing too, I’ve completely ignored the fact that Brad has an incredibly talented partner in this project in Jeffrey Bruckwicki.  From what I’ve read, Jeffrey has as much knowledge in his brain about bags and sewing as Brad has in his about pens.

Feel free to check out the a Knock Co Kickstarter Project and get in line to get one of these awesome pen cases.  Thanks again, and good luck to Brad and Jeffery in keeping up with what looks like some incredible demand for their product.  We are definitely looking forward to more from Knock Company and wish them the best!

©2016, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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