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Nokia 5800

  • By Lena Conte
  • Published 11/29/2010
  • Satire

The topic of what functions a cell phone has is hot today. A cell phone is owned by people from different ages. Even kids own such a phone today. And it is not strange to see a person buy new phones all the time. The functions of them are added with time passes by. The phone I own now is the Nokia 5800, a fantastic one with great functions. Of course it can be used for sending massages and making phone calls. Sending e-mails is also allowed. It is very easy and convenient to send e-mails by it as I don’t have to use the computer. And I downloaded some e-books in it. It is great. The 3.2 inches screen makes reading enjoyable and comfortable. Perhaps what young people concern most is the functions of entertainment. Well, there is much to say about it. Firstly, it is an excellent camera of 3.2 million pixels. It takes clear photos. Secondly, it is a great music player of 64 chords. And it is magnificent movie player with a real player inside. Flash is also allowed to play. Is it a good office assistant? Of course it is! PDF, Excel, Word, Power Point and Zip are allowed. In fact, it can be said as a mini computer! With an OSS browser, I can search for any information I want online. And the blue tooth is useful when I want some documents from my friends. It is easy and convenient to send documents by using blue tooth. Besides, the Nokia 5800 has software of map in it. It also has the function of GPS. The most advanced technology of 3G is also contained in it. How exciting it is to use such a multi-functional phone! This is really a useful cell phone for me. I like it very much. It is a fashionable 3G phone with nice design and fantastic functions. And it is welcomed and used by more and more young people today. The author is a copywriter concentrating on Replica Handbags.


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