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Nomadic PE06 Side Zipper Pencil Case Review


The Nomadic PE-06 Side Zipper Pencil Case

I very recently upgraded my pencil case to this Nomadic PE-06 Side Zipper version from JetPens, and I couldn’t be more pleased about my decision to do so.  On the surface, this pencil case might not look so extraordinary, but now that I’ve had it in use for a few days I’m can’t believe how awesome this thing is.


The Nomadic PE-06 Side Zipper Pencil Case with the Front Open

As you can see, the front of this pencil case zips open to reveal a storage space with a mesh pocket at top that ensures your pens and pencils will be secure, but also lets you see exactly whats in there.  The pencil case is made of a sturdy rip-stop nylon that is black on the outside and has a nice bright orange lining on the inside, while all of the trim and the zipper are a very light gray.  For the time being, I’ve got my Lamy Studio Fountain Pen and Roller Ball tucked in there along with my Stainless Steel Sharpie and a regular Sharpie Pen and they all fit quite nicely.


Inside the Nomadic PE-06 Side Zipper Pencil Case

Inside the Nomadic PE-06 is where you get down to the really awesome part of this pencil case.  As long as you are careful about where you place things inside, you can fit a ton of different writing utensils and supplies in here.  In the photo above I’ve got 13 pens and pencils in there along with two different packages of replacement erasers for my Kuru Togas.  Add that to the 4 other pens zipped up in the front, that puts us at a total of 17 pens and pencils packed neatly inside this awesome pencil case.  With all of the different compartments it makes it easy to organize everything while also having easy access to quickly grab the item of your choice.  Beyond just pens and pencils, there are also spaces like the middle section where you can fit most standard boxes of replacement lead for your mechanical pencil.  You can also fit things like a small pair of scissors, or sticky notes in some of the bigger pockets.

As soon as I started using the Nomadic PE-06 Side Zipper I was actually mad at myself for not making this the first pencil case that I bought.  It holds a ton of stuff, looks great, and the quality is exactly what I have come to expect from the folks at Nomadic.  I’ve now got what I would definitely consider to be my best option for toting around a full arsenal of writing supplies.

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