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Nomadic PF01 Carbonium Pen Case Review and Giveaway


Nomadic PF-01 Carbonium Pen Case

We have another great product today from our friends over at Jetpens, it is the Nomadic PF-01 Carbonium Pen Case.  Just a reminder that they have been providing some great items to review and are sponsoring our second monthly giveaway so make sure you sign up for that news letter and get your chance every month to win a Jetpens gift card, and you are also automatically signed up for the Golspot pens giveaway when you sign up.


Nomadic PF-01 Carbonium Pen Case Side View

Nomadic makes some really fantastic pen/pencil cases that we have reviewed before, and this one is no exception.  It has a semi-glossy looking textured pattern that looks like carbon fiber, has two zipper up compartments, each with individual pockets inside, with another zip up pocket on the outside for smaller accessories like erasers, sticky flags and refills.


Nomadic PF-01 Carbonium Pen Case Loaded Up

This top view of the Nomadic PF-01 Carbonium Pen case shows what it looks like when loaded up with a bunch of pens, pencils and accessories.  Inside each of those compartments that you see on the left and right side, there are pockets for even more items, which I had a hard time getting to show up in my pictures, but on the Jetpens site they have some much better photos of those pockets.  Here is my attempt at showing the inside pockets though:


Nomadic PF-01 Carbonium Pen Case Inside Pockets

It is hard to really tell from my horrible photographs, but two of the inside pockets are the full length of the pen case, while the other two are both split in half, which actually makes for four 1/2 sized pockets, you can see the 0.5mm HB pencil lead peeking out of one of those 1/2 size pockets in that photo, and the cap of a red Sharpie marker is sticking out of the other pocket.


Nomadic PF-01 Carbonium Pen Case Capacity

I thought this picture would do a good job of showing how much this case can actually hold. Everything you see pictured there fit in the Nomadic PF-01 easily.  The zippers all zipped up easily with no stretching or puckering, and I could probably have forced more in there, but since this will be a giveaway item I didn’t want to risk breaking the zipper.  I’ve reviewed and used a few other Nomadic pen/pencil cases before and I’ve been using my Nomadic PE-06 daily for over a year now with no issues and I still love it.  My experience with all of the Nomadic cases I’ve used has been great, their quality is fantastic, they hold up to daily use very well, and their ability to store a good volume of writing supplies is unsurpassed, so you can rest assured that this if you pick up the Nomadic PF-01 Carbonium Pen Case, it will be money well spent.

Now for the giveaway…I’m going to keep this one simple since I’ve already told you that you need to sign up for the news letter to be entered to win two different giveaways every month.  This contest will just require one comment, thats it, no other entry methods.  Here is what you need to do:

-Live in the US

-Just leave one comment (only one per person) by 9:00 PM on Monday August 20th

-Check back here on Tuesday August 20th to see if you won

No requirements or extra entries to share on Facebook or Twitter, but the more you help spread the word and support our sponsors, the more giveaways we can do for you!

Pretty simple, right?  Good luck!

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