Non Corrective Colored Contacts

One of the most popular fads of recent years, non corrective colored contacts has become a source of concern among eye care specialists everywhere. The reason for this is because kids are changing eye color through these cosmetic contacts without a prescription. Non corrective colored contacts are contact lenses that have no eye correction. While they are harmless when properly fitted, they can be devastating to eyes if they are not.

Kids everywhere as well as adults have started to enjoy non corrective colored contacts. It is nice to be able to change eye color, and the cosmetic contacts also are quite effective when putting on a costume. You can buy cat eyes, white eyes, red eyes, and every other type you can think of. This diversity ranges from the thirty year old woman that simply wants an eye color change, to the ten year old that wants to see what they look like. Regardless of who, the need to have them fitted is vital.

Non corrective colored contacts fit just like corrective lenses, and must be made for your eye size. Wearing these at random is taking a huge risk with your eyes. People that randomly wear non corrective colored lenses are risking a number of eye problems. These can include conjunctivitis, cornea damage such as scratches, and in severe cases, blindness. For this reason, it is vital that you consult your eye doctor and get a prescription before wearing these cosmetic lenses.

Visiting your local eye doctor for cosmetic lenses is not a big deal. The opthamologist will check out your vision, and measure your eyes for the proper fitting cosmetic lenses. This simple step can ensure that you get the enjoyment of wearing non corrective colored contacts without the risk of hurting your eyes.

Non corrective colored contacts are widely available and at a wide range of prices. Like most things, you certainly get what you pay for and should be leary of cosmetic lenses that are very inexpensive. Usually they are cheap for a reason. If a company offers non corrective colored lenses without a prescription, it is best to simply walk away. No good company will randomly give out something that could potentially hurt your eyes.

Enjoying non corrective lenses is certainly an enjoyable way to change up your look now and again. You can wear any number of different colors, and many people match their eye color to how they feel on a given day. As long as you take the proper steps to make them safe, they are a great way to show the many sides of your personality. If you have never tried them, visit your eye doctor today to find out about the world of non corrective colored contacts and how they might enhance your life.


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