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Noodler's Blue Black Fountain Pen Ink Review


Woody holding the Noodler’s Blue Black Fountain Pen Ink.

I posted a half day poll to allow our readers to pick the next item that they wanted to see reviewed.  The overwhelming winner was the Noodler’s Blue Black fountain pen ink that I got here from Goldspot.  I was a little surprised by this, but happy at the same time because I was not aware of how many fountain pen fans there were out there.  Hope everyone enjoys the Noodler’s Blue Black Fountain Pen Ink review and finds it helpful.

Noodler’s Blue Black Fountain Pen Ink Review

It was not until recently that I started trying any of the multi color inks because I always had a misguided perception that they wouldn’t look business-like.  After getting my hands on the Pilot Petit1 blue black I changed my mind.

I found the color of the ink to be suitable for any professional setting, and it had a very dignified and clean look to it.  It wasn’t at all that cheezy “trying too hard” look that I had expected.  I used to do the majority of my writing and note taking in straight black ink, but after trying this one out for a bit I’m starting to change my preference to the blue black.  It has just enough character to it so it stands out but it is subtle enough to not draw too much attention to it.


Noodler’s blue black writing sample on Levenger Paper

One thing to point out before getting into the writing samples is that there seems to be something wrong with my scanner and there are some smudges on the glass.  You will see what looks like some smear marks in the pictures but I assure you this has nothing to do with the ink.  The first picture you see above shows the Noodler’s blue black writing sample on Levenger paper.  As with most other inks that I have used on Levenger paper, they preform really well.  The ink writes very smoothly and it doesn’t show any feathering or bleeding on the page resulting in very crisp and clean lines.  This is my day to day writing combo for work, Noodler’s Blue Black Fountain Pen Ink and my Levenger Circa Notebook.


Noodler’s blue black writing sample in a Rhodia notebook.

I know that there are many fountain pen users out there who love their Rhodia and Moleskine notebooks, so I wanted to do a quick writing sample to show how it writes on both of these papers.  I guess at some point I should also mention that the writing samples were all done with the same pen.  I don’t want to mention the pen yet because I will be doing a full review of it at some point, but I will say it is a Pelikan Fine nib, and Ill leave it at that.

Writing in the Rhodia notebook with this ink was also very smooth, and the ink seemed to lay down a nice line.  There are very faint signs of feathering that  you really don’t notice unless you look REALLY close.  Overall I would give a thumbs up to using the Noodler’s Blue Black Fountain Pen Ink with your Rhodia.


Boodler’s blue black writing sample in a Moleskine notebook.

Now for the Moleskine writing sample.  I don’t think I’ve ever been truly satisfied with any fountain pen ink or liquid ink on a Moleskine.  The only thing that I’ve used that was ok on one of these has been a ballpoint or a gel ink.  You can see in the sample above that the Noodler’s Blue Black Fountain Pen Ink shows some heavy feathering on this paper.  The feathering you get with Moleskine has always been my issue with their journals.

If you look closely at this ink on the Moleskine compared to the Rhodia or Levenger paper you will see that it appears to be lighter in color.  I noticed this after scanning the writing samples, so I went back and checked the actual samples to make sure this was not just my scanner acting up, and it wasn’t.  In looking at the samples next to each other, the Moleskine definitely resulted in a much lighter appearance for the Noodler’s Blue Black.  I don’t know if I’m just not being fair here, but I just really wouldn’t recommend this paper and this ink together.


Noodler’s blue black with Woody and the paper samples. Top is the Levenger paper, bottom left is the Rhodia, and top right is the Moleskine.

The last picture here is my attempt to try and show the Noodler’s Blue Black Fountain Pen Ink on all three different papers in the same picture.  You can really see how the ink is much lighter on the Moleskine (bottom right) as compared to the Levenger and Rhodia papers.

I purchased this bottle of Noodler’s Blue Black Fountain Pen Ink from Goldspot who carries a ton of different Noodler’s inks.  You can see all the Noodler’s ink that they have here.  In order to keep things transparent I want to also mention that Goldspot did give me a small bloggers discount on this bottle.  The discount has nothing to do with my suggesting them as a great place to buy from.  I was actually a happy customer of theirs before I even started this blog full of cool office supplies.

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