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Noodlers Forest Green Fountain Pen Ink Review


Noodler’s Forest Green Fountain Pen Ink in a 3oz. bottle

Personally I think that using a fountain pen sets you apart from the crowd, and makes for a good conversation starter when surrounded by people who dont typically notice cool office supplies.  In addition to having a nice fountain pen to use, its even nicer to have that fountain pen loaded up with a good looking ink.  Today I wanted to share a review of some Noodlers Forest Green fountain pen ink.


Open bottle of the Noodler’s Forest Green Fountain Pen Ink

Lately I’ve been really addicted to blue black and green black inks, so when I saw the Noodler’s Forest Green at Goldspot.com, I wanted to give it a try.  I figured a forest green ink would be dark enough that it wouldn’t be the kind of ink that jumps off the paper in a business setting and screams “hey look at me.”  My main objective with my fountain pen inks is to have something subtly unique that is appropriate for work, so the darker inks like this usually work out well.  When I looked into the bottle, this appeared to be a pretty dark ink.  It did however look a bit lighter on the inside of the cap, which is usually how any ink appears in those two different situations.


Noodlers Forest Green writing sample on Levenger Circa Paper

When I loaded the ink into my Pelikan M215, I was excited to give it a try, so I tested it on some Levenger Circa paper.  While I really liked the color, I wasnt convinced that it was dark enough for my personal tastes.  The ink worked out fairly well on the Levenger Circa paper as you can see above, it didnt bleed through, there was minimal show through, and minimal feathering.  As with other tests of fountain pen ink that I have done on Levenger paper, it dries incredibly quickly.


Noodlers Forest Green writing sample in Rhodia Web Notebook with 90g paper

Next up I wanted to try the Noodlers Forest Green fountain pen ink on the always nice Rhodia Web Notebook with 90g paper.  The Rhodia Web Notebook has paper that is an ivory color, so inks always show up a little different on there.  To my eyes, the Noodlers Forest Green fountain pen ink looked a bit greener on the Rhodia paper, but I liked the contrast of the color against it.  For the most part, fountain pen inks tend to do really well on the Rhodia Web Notebook 90g paper but do have a slightly longer dry time.  I should clarify though, I personally dont have an issue here because I am not a left handed writer, but I know there are many of you out there where that is an issue.  The dry time excluded, this ink looks great on the Rhodia paper.  The writing experience itself is incredibly smooth with absolutely no bleed through, show through, or feathering.  Any fountain pen user owes it to them self to at least give this notebook a try.  Anyway, this is a review of the Noodler’s Forest Green fountain pen ink, not the Rhodia Web Notebook.


Noodlers Forest Green writing sample in Black n Red Notebook

The last writing sample I did with the Noodler’s Forest Green was in the Black n’ Red Notebook that I reviewed previously.  Similar to the Rhodia Web Notebook, this notebook provides an incredibly smooth surface that handles fountain pen ink really well.  The pen wrote very smoothly over its surface, and there was absolutely no bleed through, no show through, and no feathering of the ink on the page.  The dry time was not as instant as on the Levenger Circa paper, but it was still pretty quick to dry at about 3 seconds.  With the stark white color of the page, the green ink shows up very well here, and I think the ink shows its rue color on this paper.

Noodlers Forest Green fountain pen ink in summary

Overall, this Noodlers Forest Green fountain pen ink looks great and handles pretty nicely on the papers I tried it on.  I didnt find any real issues in terms of having any nib creep, it was pretty minimal.  Personally I really like the color of this ink, but not quite as much as I enjoy my green black inks, but it is a close second.  I just dont feel like this ink comes off as professional or business-like as the blue black or green black.  Many thanks to Goldspot Pens for the bloggers discount on this ink.

©2015, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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