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Noteboard Foldable Whiteboard from FullSize to PocketSize


Noteboard Foldable Whiteboard in the Bag

Here is an interesting item I stumbled across while searching for cool office supplies on Amazon.  It’s called The Noteboard, and is a portable foldable white board that folds down to the size of a stack of note cards.


Noteboard Foldable Whiteboard Semi-Unfolded

The entire Noteboard measures about 35″x15″ and is made up of 35 laminated (but attached) cards that are about the size of standard index cards.  When folded up, the whole thing is only about one inch thick, and it slips easily into the microfiber storage pouch which also acts as a makeshift eraser for your foldable white board.

Noteboard Foldable Whiteboard Blank Side

Apologies for the slightly dark picture, but this is what the Noteboard looks like when fully unfolded and hung up (just with Scotch Tape on the corners) on the wall.  Its hard to tell from the thumbnail picture above but the dry erase marker writes pretty well on here, and even does a good job on the small transparent gaps between each of the panels.  The small gaps between the panels do however make for a slightly bumpy writing experience.  I’m not too worried about this because I don’t remember ever using a dry erase board and worrying too much about how precise my writing was.


Noteboard Foldable Whiteboard Graph Side

The flip side of the Noteboard has various and intricate graph lines pre-printed on it.  You can see the dark dry erase marker lines in the photo above which trace some of those pre-printed lines.


Noteboard Foldable Whiteboard Graph Side

Here is a close up of those same tracing marks over the pre-printed graph lines.  Obviously the pre-printed lines cover the entire side of the Noteboard, but for the sake of a visualization, I only traced a small part to highlight them for you to see.  Overall, The Noteboard, is a pretty unique concept and I can imagine it being pretty handy to have in your work bag, or even at your desk for an impromptu meeting or brainstorming session when a traditional whiteboard is just not available.

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