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Notebook Cover with Lots of Storage Lihit Lab Smart Fit Cover


Lihit Lab Smart Fit Notebook Cover

The Lihit Lab Smart Fit Notebook Cover is probably the most storage friendly portfolio or notebook cover that you are going to find anywhere.  In addition to being a great notebook cover, it also comes with a pretty cool notebook tucked inside that you will see towards the end of this review.  This particular version was provided to us by our friends over at JetPens free of charge for the purpose of this review today.

Lihit Lab Smart Fit Notebook Cover Front

Cordura sounds like a funny word, so I did a little research to find out exactly what material this Lihit Lab Smart Fit Notebook Cover was made of.  It seems that this is a durable and high performance polyester that resists tears, scuffs and abrasions.  Makes sense to me that you would want to use this material to make a notebook cover that is designed to be reused and to store multiple items like pens, cell phones, index cards, business cards and other accessories.

Lihit Lab Smart Fit  Notebook Cover Inside

Inside of the notebook cover you can fit a 7.0″ x 9.9″ notebook as long as it has a flexible cover that can flex slightly to slide into the front and back pockets.  On both the inside front and back covers of this notebook cover there are extra pockets that we will take a closer look at in a second.


The Lihit Lab Smart Fit Notebook Cover has plenty of Storage on the Front Cover

The front cover of the Lihit Lab Smart Fit Notebook Cover has plenty of storage space.  In the photo above you can see that something like your Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phone can easily fit in the large pocket and still have room for other items such as a bluetooth headset.  Once you have your phone or other items stored in the pocket you can securely close it with the Velcro flap that you see there.  One thing to note though is that the pocket doesn’t really provide any padding or protection from impact for your phone, so you will need to be careful with it in there.  To the right side of the pocket there are two pen holsters that can hold even the largest of fountain pens.  My TWSBI 540 demonstrator is the largest fountain pen I own and it fits in there with room to spare.


Lihit Lab Smart Fit Notebook Cover Storage Pocket

Once you have your pens, cell phone, and other accessories stored in the notebook cover you can also use the pocket behind the Velcro closure pocket to store larger documents.  This pocket spans the width of the notebook cover and goes as deep as the bottom of the notebook cover as well.


Lihit Lab Smart Fit Notebook Cover Inside Front Pocket Storage

The inside of the Lihit Lab Smart Fit Cover has three more storage spaces as well as an elastic closure that is used to hold the entire notebook closed when not in use.  There are two small pockets on the top half of the inside cover for additional storage space.  You can either hold a few business cards in the two slots on the top half and the bottom half has one larger pocket that is large enough to hold a 3″ x 5″ index card in either direction with room to spare.

Lihit Lab Smart Fit Notebook Cover Back Storage Pocket

Inside of the notebook cover on the back side there is one large storage flap to hold your documents in for easy access.  The back also has a slot as noted before that lets you slip the back cover of your actual notebook into so the cover stays on snugly.

Lihit Lab Twist Ring Binding

If you have not seen our previous review of the Lihit Lab Twist Ring Binding System you should check it out because its a pretty cool system for removable but secure notebook page management.  Basically the plastic rings you see there snap open and shut so you can add and remove pages in a clean and easy fashion.  Definitely check out the review there to see better photos.  In that review you will also see that the paper does a great job of handling many different types of ink, including fountain pen inks.  In the above photo you will also see two satin bookmark ribbons that are attached to the notebook cover itself.

When it comes to unique and cool office supplies, Lihit Lab is a brand that always seems to come up with some pretty awesome and high quality products.  The  Lihit Lab Smart Fit Notebook Cover  is no exception, and you really cant find a better storage system for your notebook and the accessories that you carry around on a daily basis.  This can definitely help make those walks between meetings or classes much easier for you so you don’t have to feel like you are juggling lots of accessories if you don’t feel like lugging them around in a big bulky bag.

Thanks again to our friends at JetPens for providing this notebook cover for us to review today! Oh, and I forgot to mention that this is available in a few other colors, so hit the link above and find the color that best suits your personal preference.

©2016, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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