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Notebook in Disguise as a Laptop


Is this a netbook or a notebook?

When I spoke with the nice folks at DayCraft, I asked them about their line of notebooks that looked like laptops, and although they told me that they were not going forward with production because of quality concerns, they agreed to send me one anyway.  So keeping in mind that you will never be able to buy one of these, I thought Id share anyway because I thought it was a great idea, and visually, it looks pretty cool.


A side view of the notebook pages with all the appropriate porrts painted on

A blurb from the DayCraft site pretty much sums up all of the “features” of this notebook:

“These notebooks have plenty of memory, a big screen and boot up in an instant. Best of all they never crash or catch a virus. What more could you want from your technology?”

Sounds pretty solid to me.


Landscape ruling for this notebook

One strange thing about this notebook…landscape oriented ruling.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a notebook with the ruled lines oriented like this.


A DVD drive for your notebook?

One last view of the side of the notebook just for fun, never thought you would see a notebook with a DVD drive did ya?  Hope you found this as interesting as I did, there seems to be no end to all of the cool and unique home office supplies out there.

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