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  We have a love hate relationship with Moleskine here, and these Simpsons Moleskine Limited Edition Journals remind us of that situation.  On one hand, the paper quality really leaves a lot to be desired but from a branding and marketing perspective they do some pretty awesome and fun things.  These Simpsons Moleskine Limited Edition Journals are a great example of some of the fun things they do when it comes to licensing iconic pop culture … [Read more…]


The Field Notes Cold Horizon are the newest Field Notes series available to mark the winter season.  As you can see from the above photo, each of the notebooks in the three pack have a different blue shaded gradient that adorns the cover.  The covers are a semi-glossy variation of cold tone blues that range from a light aqua to an intense royal blue.  In the photo above they are lined up to show how the colors fade and transition into one another.  The … [Read more…]


The ForestChoice Notebook with hardcover is an environmentally friendly option for a notebook that comes with some pretty solid and standard features.  The folks you might be familiar with from Palomino are responsible for the ForestChoice Notebook brand, so you know it should be a good quality product. … [Read more…]


If you’ve ever read this blog before you probably know how we feel about the quality of Moleskine paper, and especially when used with fountain pens.  On the other hand though, the folks at Moleskine tend to put out a ton of really cool looking licensed notebooks that are hard to resist.  These Minnie Mouse Moleskine Journals are the newest in their line of limited edition notebooks. … [Read more…]


Today we have a pretty cool notebook that was sent to us from our friends at JetPens.  It is the Kyokuto F.O.B COOP W Ring Notebook, which is quite a mouthful for this little notebook.  Although our review today is for the red version it is also available with a black or white cover and in multiple sizes.  Check out the JetPens Kyokuto F.O.B COOP W Ring Notebook page to see all of the options once you read our review. … [Read more…]


Good friend of the blog, Tom Oddo has sent us a free sample of his latest InkJournal release so I wanted to take a quick look and share it with you today.  The InkJournal Expresso has a very nice coffee themed cover on the front and back with matching coffee themed brown ink.  The artwork sets the tone for being a notebook that you will want to have for a relaxing stop at the local coffee shop to jot down your thoughts instead of plugging into social media … [Read more…]


The Lihit Lab Smart Fit Notebook Cover is probably the most storage friendly portfolio or notebook cover that you are going to find anywhere.  In addition to being a great notebook cover, it also comes with a pretty cool notebook tucked inside that you will see towards the end of this review.  This particular version was provided to us by our friends over at JetPens free of charge for the purpose of this review today. … [Read more…]


It was only a few days ago that I shared with you that Field Notes was releasing a new version of notebook called the Field Notes Night Sky Collection that had an astronomy theme to them.  Unfortunately by the time I received mine in the mail, the Field Notes site was out of them in their regular store.  You can however still find these in some retail locations, so check that link out for a complete list. Field Notes Night Sky are Out of Stock but … [Read more…]


This year when I was checking out the Rhodia booth at the National Stationery Show, I saw the Exacompta FAF Pad on display, which I had seen in previous years, but never had a chance to review.  This year, friend of the blog, the wonderfully friendly Karen offered one of these up for us to review.  Clearly I jumped on the chance to do a hands on review of this cool looking retro notepad. … [Read more…]


One of the reasons it pays to be subscribed to the Field Notes email list is that you get advance notice and access to their “Field Notes Colors” which lets you know when there is a new Field Notes release.  Yesterday was definitely one of the coolest pre-announcements I’ve seen from them yet.  I love the space theme on these, but they also fit nicely into my “things that are all black” weakness, especially when applied to cool office supplies. … [Read more…]


One of the items that I saw at the 2013 National Stationery Show was the above Landmade Cork Journal, which not only has a cork cover, but the paper is also made from cork, which is a easily renewable resource because it grows so quickly.  This version of the cork journal is unlined, but there are also lined versions available as well as some other cork covered office supply accessories. … [Read more…]


The Moleskine Postal Notebook is one of those nice little surprises that I completely forgot I even ordered from Amazon.  I pre-ordered this back in early March and it finally arrived a few days ago.  Essentially, it is a small 8 page notebook that is encased in a mailable envelope.  The front of the “envelope” has spaces for you to write your mailing address on it, and is a fairly sturdy stock, on the level of an index card, so it should hold up very well … [Read more…]


Earlier this year we gave one of our readers one of the new Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebooks in exchange for writing up a detailed review of it.  At the time, the supporting app for this notebook was for your iPhone, but just recently they released an Android app as well, so I wanted to make the same offer to another of our readers that is an Android user. … [Read more…]


Our good friend Tom from Goldspot has a new addition to his line of InkJournal notebooks and lucky for us he is a very generous guy.  Not only did he send one over for me to test out and review, but he also sent over two 3 packs for me to give away to two lucky readers. … [Read more…]


  I came across two very cool products that are currently being funded on Kickstarter, so I wanted to share them quickly, although I don’t have any samples to review yet.  One is the IPX-PRO Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Notebook Cover, and the other is the Mycestro 3D Mouse. … [Read more…]


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