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Noteletts Journal by Letts of London Review


Noteletts By Letts of London

I recently stopped by the Paradise Pen store at Short Hills Mall here in NJ, where I happened to run across these Letts of London Noteletts journals. I had never saw these in person before, so I decided to buy one based on the color and nice looking quality of the cover.


Noteletts Inside Cover

Once I peeled off the cellophane wrapper and took a look inside, I liked what I saw.  The cover itself is a fairly soft linen-like cloth material, and the inside cover has a slightly muted paper backing to match the outside, while the paper itself is a nice cream with light gray rulings.  The Noteletts journals are very minimalistic with almost no branding on the outside, other than an embossed “noteletts” on the lower corner of the back cover.  Inside, on each page though, the “noteletts” name is stamped in the lower right corner, which is out of the way and not too intrusive.  There are 192 pages in here that measure 116 mm x 172 mm (about 4 1/4″ x 6 1/2″) although many sites that I have seen list them simply at 4″ x 6″ which I find a bit curious.  Also, although you don’t see it in the photos above, there is a color coordinated ribbon bookmark, and it is actually double face satin, meaning that both sides of it are smooth to the touch, instead of single face satin…slightly more expensive, much nicer to the touch…I know my ribbon. 😉


Noteletts Monthly Planner Pages and Ribbon

Besides being a standard journal with ruled pages, there are some other pages with bonus information regarding the different time zones, weights and measures, popular conversions, and the above pictured monthly planner pages.  There is not a ton of room for listing activities, however this is probably good for simple planning stuff like putting in reminders for dentist appointments, birthdays, and the like.


Noteletts Back Pocket with Matching Material

Another nice little touch is that the pocket on the inside back cover is lined with that same linen-like material that makes up the cover of the notebook.


Noteletts Writing Sample

Writing in the Noteletts journal proved to be a very nice experience with multiple different pens, including fountain pens, ball points (well, as good as a ball point can be), gel ink, Sharpie Pens, and even a mechanical pencil.  Each of the writing tools I tried went over well, and even the sometimes demanding fountain pen and Sharpie pen ink did not feather or smear.  The 80g paper in this notebook does perform very well when writing, but there is just enough show through on the other side to be noticeable.  I don’t think it is enough show through to ruin your writing experience, but you will see it there.  You might get different results, keeping in mind I tend to use narrow pointed pens, and the fountain pen I used had an EF nib.  Overall though this appears to be a nicely constructed journal with plenty of attention to detail (specifically the double face satin ribbon and the lining on the pocket) that would be a great next journal for you.  Although this review is for the green ruled medium size version, they are available in multiple sizes and colors in your standard blank, ruled, and gridded formats.

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