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NoteTower Desktop Organizers for your Desk and Monitor


The folks responsible for the NoteTower product line were kind enough to send some samples of their whole lineup over for a review as well as an upcoming giveaway.  As with any supplied product, the standard disclaimer comes along with it that yes the product was free, but no the free product doesn’t change my mind about the usefulness and quality of the product.  With that out of the way, there are 4 distinct items in the NoteTower line that you see above.  Left to right you have the NoteTower Organizer, NoteTowerPro, and NoteTower Mini, with the NoteTower Monitor Mount in the foreground.  Obviously you can probably already tell just by looking at these what they do, but if you aren’t sure they basically help to hold papers  at your desktop so they are easily visible while you work.

The first in the NoteTower series that we will look at is the NoteTower Organizer (via Amazon).  This version measures 12″ tall and is 4.125″ wide by 3.25″ deep.  You can easily fill up the compartments with things ranging from the size of paperclips to pens, to note cards, to scissors. There are 6 tabs that span 5″ end to end vertically with a 1″ gap between each.  Each of these tabs can hold shorter more sturdy items like index cards, business cards, or even photos.  This version is also available in blue, pink, and white.

Each size of the NoteTowers (excluding the Monitor Mount) have nano-suction pads to keep the unit affixed to your desk, but it can also be re-positioned many times over.  You can alternatively leave the protective coating on them and not worry about the unit being stuck in place.

The next up is my favorite of the four in this lineup and its the NoteTower Pro (via Amazon).  This version measures 10.5″ high and has a 3.25″ by 3.25″ footprint along with 8 tabs for holding your document or other smaller items.  As you can see, the NoteTower Pro has four arms that extend in order to keep a full size sheet of paper standing upright so you can read it as your typing or doing anything else at your desk.  It does a great job of keeping your paper positioned in an easy to view place.

There are 4 arms, two on each side that extend 6″ from the edge of the NoteTower Pro.  The arms easily fold back into the rear of the tower so they are out of the way when not in use.  In its maximum capacity you can have two full sheets of standard printer paper displayed for your convenience using the NoteTower Pro. The NoteTower Pro also has a slot designed to hold standard size 3″x3″ sticky note pads, and the unit comes with one pad included.

Next is the NoteTower Mini is 8.25″ high and also has a 3.25″x 3.25″ base designed to hold standard sticky notes.  This unit also has 6 tabs that have a vertical span of 5″ with a 1″ gap between each.  Again, this unit can be used for things like business cards and photos, but full sheets of paper won’t work well because it does not have the expandable arms on the back.  Besides the black version shown here, its also available in white.  You can see the two color options over on the Amazon page here.

The last version is the NoteTower Monitor Mount (via Amazon), which is great for laptops or standard computer monitors.  It measures 8.7″ tall and is 1.75″ wide but also has the extendable arms that give it the ability to hold a full size sheet of paper like the NoteTower Pro also does.  This version has 8 of the tabs to hold your documents, but they are spaced just slightly wider at 1.125″ instead of the 1″ found with the other versions. It attaches to the side of your monitor via a simple spring loaded clip that has some non-slip padding on the inside of the clips, and the spring in there isn’t so tight that you feel like it could crush your monitors, bezel which is nice.

The NoteTower Monitor Mount also comes with the small plastic bracket that you see pictures above here.  This is helpful if you have a monitor that is either too wide for the clip, or that has too much of a curve for the clip to attach itself onto.  The mouth on the clip opens to a comfortable (non-stressed) width of just over 0.5″ so anything wider than that would probably require the use of the bracket shown above.


Overall the NoteTower line of products definitely do a great job of helping keep your papers, documents, pictures or other flat items held in a place where they are easy to view and work with.  The NoteTower Pro (via Amazon) and the NoteTower Monitor Mount (via Amazon) are the only ones with extendable arms to hold full sheets of paper.  Everything that I used with these slid in and out of the clips easily without damaging them and nothing seemed to slip over time while left in there.  These can definitely make your life easier at your desk if you regularly find yourself wanting to look at a document while you type, or if you just need some help being better organized with some of the smaller items at your desk.

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