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Novel Writing Tips How to Write Fictional Stories

  • By Carolyn Anderson
  • Published 03/17/2011
  • Fiction

Writing a novel can be something fulfilling especially if you have a flair in writing and you have that passion to become a bestselling novelist someday. Of course, going for your interest and passion is one thing that can give you greater happiness and fulfillment in life, thus it is just one good thing to pursue what you desire. If you are aiming to write your own novel someday, you may want to learn a few novel writing tips that can help you develop a story that can sell well. Of course, it would also be extra rewarding if you can write bestsellers one day, and for sure, you can do that with determination. If you want to start writing your own novel or you are currently polishing your finished novel, you may find these novel writing tips useful to develop your story into something that is more appealing to your audience. – Check if your writing style is more natural and conversational. One good way to write great novels is to make them conversational. You don’t have to use complex, never-been-used words in conversations so make sure your conversations sounded natural as well. Avoid too many flowery descriptions. Although this may help at times to best describe a place or a scene, you don’t have to over-decorate your novel with too much of these flowery and lengthy descriptions. – Learn how to write using strong verbs and powerful sentences.

In writing novels, you have to make sure your words come alive in the thoughts of the readers and using the right words and po

werful words that can make these words turn into action can be one of the best novel writing tips you have to keep in mind. Improve your vocabulary if you want to develop this writing skill. You don’t have to write lengthy sentences to make the action vivid. Short but powerful sentences often work especially in writing novels. Of course, simple words can become powerful by using them at the right context as well. – Do your research. Although novels are fictional, it can help add an interesting twist and can help pique the interest of the readers if you can use some facts in your story. It doesn’t have to be the story but you can sure use correct facts if you are describing a place or an event especially if you are changing scenes or you are introducing a new country or location. Adding factual descriptions of a place or an event will also help you make your characters and your story come to life in the minds of the readers. – Solicit criticisms and feedback. Sometimes you may not find any fault in your work especially if you have gone over it several times already but it helps a lot to have another set of eyes and another person reading the novel and telling you his impression on it. Indeed, one of the best ways to refine your story is to solicit criticisms from readers. Feedback, whether good or bad can help pinpoint some loopholes in your story and help you check as well if your novel gives a good first impression to others.

Keep these tips in mind and find more tips to help you tweak and perfect your story. This way you will also practice your writing skill by also keeping in mind good quality output as well.



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