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Novel Writing Tips: What To Bear In Mind To Become A Novelist

  • By Karen Winton
  • Published 02/17/2011
  • Fiction

Anyone who wants to become a novelist can’t succeed if he or she does not know facts and pointers on writing a story, or does not learn about effective tips for writers, specifically aspiring novelists. The following are some novel writing tips that will help you succeed in the challenge of writing or creating novels on your own: Let Your Family Or Close Friends Know About Your Dream If you aspire to write a novel, a short story, or a book, it is a good idea to share that dream with your loved ones. Though many writers are ‘secretive’ creatures, it is best that you inform your friends and your relatives that you’re planning to undertake writing a novel/book. Why? Well, you can become a novelist more successfully if you get good support from your family and friends. For sure, they’ll encourage you in writing a story, which means that you’ll be more motivated to start your project and complete it no matter what it takes. Some people do not succeed in novel-writing because they keep their plans to themselves. If you wish to succeed, one of the tips for writers that you should follow is this technique of getting the support of the people close to your heart. Plan How You’ll Write The Book Or The Novel

Included in novel writing tips is for you to actually have a plan. You can’t become a novelist in an easier manner if you are happy go lucky, or if you do not come up with a good plan on how you’ll start your project, how you’ll complete it, and the like

s. When writing a story, you should set some goals as to how long you’ll complete your writing; the kind of novel you wish to create; your target readers, and so on. Coming up with an outline for your novel is also part of the list of tips for writers that you should not disregard as having an outline makes it easier for you to organize your thoughts, make revisions to your work, etc. Do not forget to also write a summary for each chapter as that will also help you finish the novel earlier and in a speedier manner. Always Have A Journal/Notebook With You One of the novel writing tips you should employ is this: always carry a notebook or a journal with you. You see, you’re sure to get ideas from time to time, which, when left unwritten, will ‘disappear’ or be forgotten. If you aim to become a novelist, therefore, you should have a small notebook/journal and of course, a pen, so that every time you think of something or gain a bright idea, you can quickly jot it down. Get To Know The Genre Well If you’re planning to write a story, of course, you’ll have to decide early on the type of genre of your novel. Is it going to be based on romance? How about a science fiction novel? Will it be a detective novel? Whatever genre you decide, included in the tips for writers is that you research well on the kind of genre you want to focus on. You should also read several novels based on your chosen genre for you to get good understanding and be able to apply it to your novel.

Following these novel writing tips will without doubt help you become a novelist who’s successful!



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