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In times of economic turmoil, most of us can’t just go out and get a new car when we’re bored with our current one. And let’s face it: most of us can’t afford to do that during boom times either. So what’s a person to do to liven up the driving experience while not spending a whole lot of money? Why, go get some crazy car accessories of course!

Neon Pulsarc

Those who like to get funky with their bad selves while driving at night might appreciate the Neon Pulsarc. Consisting of a thin horizontal neon light about as wide as a car stereo, this accessory comes in several different colors including blue, green, yellow, and red. It actually pulses to the beat of the song that’s playing on the radio, so if you want the club experience while riding around, this is the one for you. For power, it plugs into the A/C outlet, or the more advanced among us can cut off the adapter from the cord and hardwire it to their car’s electrical system.

Mood Light

Speaking of getting funky in your car, the Mood Light appeals to the Casanovas among us. With apologies to Meatloaf, it used to be you could find paradise by the dashboard light, but apparently that’s not the right kind of light anymore. This type of automotive bling comes in several forms, including a circular light you can hang from your rearview mirror, a mood light drink holder, and a thin LED light you can clip to your dashboard. You can even purchase Mood Light replacement bulbs for your interior light to help create the right mood for your passenger.

Windshield Washer Nozzle Lights

In keeping with the “light” theme, these windshield washer nozzle lights are another accessory you can pick up for not much money. They are supposed to be easy to install, and replace your existing windshield washer nozzles, so they tie directly into the car’s electrical system. They come in pretty much any color you’d want, depending on your taste. Just make sure you don’t sneak up on anyone at night with these on and your headlights off, lest they think they’re being stalked by a large animal and shoot your car in the hood.

Auto Deer Alert

Has your car ever had a close encounter with a deer? If it has, you know how troublesome these animals can be to a car’s body. It’s almost as if deer aim for your car on purpose. Fortunately, there’s an accessory you can get that will help prevent this, and it’s called an Auto Deer Alert. You won’t have much fun playing with this accessory and it won’t look cool like the Neon Pulsarc, but it just might keep those pesky walking venison burgers away from your paint job. By emitting ultrasonic pulses, these devices are supposed to alert deer of your presence and give them a chance to get out of the road, and thus keep them from putting a dent in your day.


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