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November Goldspot Fountain Pen Prize Pack Winner


Today we are announcing our November Goldspot fountain pen prize pack, but I also wanted to give you a heads up and a 10% discount code concerning an upcoming review.  I’ve seen these Panda Planners before (via Amazon) and never picked one up, but I’ve been wanting to step up my organizing game lately and these seem to take a unique approach with their undated and a little bit unorthodox layout and concept.  The cool thing is that when I ordered mine from Amazon, it came with this 10% discount code (PANDAFAM) to share with friends.  When you visit the Panda Planner Pro page on Amazon and add it to your card, there is a spot for the discount code when you check out.


So now what you are all really here for, the announcement of our winner of the monthly Goldspot Fountain Pen Prize Pack Giveaway!  This month’s winner is Sunny Hukic, so if that is you, just reply to the email we sent everyone this morning, or use the About/Contact link below to get in touch with us so we can get you on the road to picking your prizes!

What’s all this giveaway stuff about?

If you find yourself asking that question, head on over here to check out the details and sign up for yourself.  Once you are signed up, you can expect about 2 emails per month from us to let you know we are announcing the winner here.  Signing up doesn’t cost you anything, and you only have to sign up once, as long as you remain part of the list you are automatically entered every month to win this or our JetPens gift card giveaway.  We usually announce around the 15th and 30th of each month and aim for the weekend.

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