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Now That Was Interesting To Learn

  • By Tiva Kelly
  • Published 06/13/2008
  • Article Writing

Those are the words you want readers of your articles to say when they’ve finished one of your pieces. When they feel that way about information elicited from your writing then you know a connection has formed. When you connect with your readership, a further relationship develops which leads to new sales opportunities for your affiliate business. Why do people seek articles about a certain topic? They do so because they need information that fulfill their needs and wants. Think of that niche market you are catering too. They have specific needs and wants that are often very different from those of another niche. You must write articles that answer questions and provide solutions to their unique information requirements. When your article gives useful information that shows you understand a particular niche’s concerns they will continually seek you out. Why will they? They will because you become a reliable source of specialized information. You, with your article, are not a run-of-the-mill generic information provider. You are a provider of relevant and timely content that they put to use right away. Think of what web consumers encounter when they research a product and what it does for them. They often encounter poorly written general articles that tell them things they already know. It’s obvious that much of the content they read is merely advertorials disguised as informative content. Shortly after they start reading, they realize they are not receiving what they came for. They are not receiving information that interests them. They are not receiving information that provides solutions to their needs and wants. They are receiving a thinly veiled sales letter that does not speak to their concerns, only their pocketbook.

This is where you, the astute affiliate marketer, are different. This is where your articles are unique and help generate traffic flow back to your website. That uniqueness in your articles will be in the form of entertaining, interesting content that is usable. You want your reader to read your article and go “aha”;

you want that “aha” to lead to decisive action. That decisive action has to be a clickback to learn more about you on your website. Your website is where you explain your affiliate product and garner sales. However, all the things you do before they get to your website are what will earn you the sale. “Earn” is the operative word here. You “earn” your sales through hard work in the form of an intelligent article that gives something back to your reader. Remember, people have many demands on their time today. A reader who sits to read one of your articles does not want to invest time and receive boring content of no value. They can put on a reality TV program and get that without moving their butt off the couch. When they decide to do web research or read a newsletter that contains one of your articles they want something. You had better give it to them because your name is at stake. So is traffic flow to that website you have money and time invested in. Interesting article content presented in an organized fashion helps a reader. It helps them formulate solutions to their problems. It helps them understand something better. With increased understanding, an article reader will want to move onto the next step in their information-gathering process. This next step may be a search for more information. They received great information that answered their questions from your article. They see a link back to your website. Where do you think they’re going to go for more information? It’s easy for them to click back to you because they trust you as being “in the know”. They don’t have to spend time searching other internet portals for information. When you get them back to your website, you can extol the virtues of your affiliate product. They are likely to listen because of the connection made through your interesting article.

That’s what effective article writing is all about. That’s what effective support work for your affiliate marketing program is all about. That’s what pre-selling to gain new customers is all about too. Write those interesting and informative articles that show you as an authority in your field. When you do, you’re internet playground becomes your field of dreams.



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