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Nursing Programs in Florida for Foreign Medical Graduates

  • By Azure College
  • Published 02/6/2012
  • Writing for the Web

There is lots of employment scope in Nursing Home Jobs Florida for those who hold a Nursing Degree. Nurses are pretty much in demand in almost all the health care fields. These programs are especially good for those who want to make a career in health care industry. Nursing Schools in Florida is recognized for their top end and high quality Nursing Graduate Programs.

Foreign Medical Graduates find it particularly hard for getting license to practice medicine in United States. The rules in America require them to take up the full medical program in English. This is definitely a hassle for most people as they are simply not in a position to spend that kind of time or effort to go through it all again. Most of them have reached a certain age and have families to look after. The Azure College has launched Nursing Graduate Programs specifically for such people only.

The best part is that it gives credit to the education that a person has had in their native land. For applying to Nursing Schools in Florida, one needs to get a simple but detailed document stating the US equivalence of one’s diploma or degree, useful and true information of the degree granting institution. One is required to get the Transcripts of the course attended which includes details of syllabus taught along with number of hours of classes.

The Nursing Program allows the person to kick start their career in medicine in record time. Nursing Graduate Programs from Azure College prove an opportunity to Foreign Medical Graduates to complete Nursing programs in just 11 months instead of two years. The students can then take up NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurse practice), become licensed Nurse. Thus, this program is tailor made for international medical students to become job ready within very less time.

As soon as person finishes this program they can go for RN to BsN course, which is an award winning program of Nursing in Florida. This is recognized by the Florida Board of Nursing (FBON).



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