Obama’s Enjoy Hawaii Vacation


Authored by Jon Mercer in Politics
Published on 12-30-2008

President-elect Barack Obama and his family enjoyed a lovely Christmas holiday in Hawaii. After spending a quiet day in their oceanfront vacation rental on Christmas day, the Obama’s took in a dolphin show at a local aquatic park and had some shaved ice.

Obama’s two daughters’, Malia and Sasha, and he visited the Sea Life Park Hawaii on Friday. The President-elect’s wife, Michelle, was not with them during their 90 minute visit to the aquatic park. Reporters were not allowed to enter the park during the Obama’s visit, but visitors to the park said that the Obama’s posed for pictures with them during their visit. Obama will assume the Presidency in less than a month.

Obama is a native of Hawaii and he and his family are on a twelve day vacation there for the holidays. The President-elect is trying to keep the trip as private as possible, but did offer to buy reporters a shaved ice snack during a visit to a small outdoor restaurant with his daughters and some family friends.

While in Hawaii, Obama and his family have mainly stayed out of the public view, spending time with family and close friends only at a $9 million vacation home near Honolulu. This will be Obama’s last trip before he takes office on January 20, 2009.

Only a few times during the twelve day trip did the President-elect venture into the public eye since arriving last Saturday. Four aids and his secret service detail are all that accompanied the Obama’s on their vacation. He has only made short comments to the hordes of journalist trying to interview him on his trip. Nothing about work however, just light-hearted comments about his bar tab and a few self-deprecating jokes about his golf game.

Friday, Obama made his weekly visit to the Semper Fit Center at Marine Corps Base Hawaii. After the President-elect’s workout, he made small talk with several of the onlookers who were on hand to see him leave the gym. Visitor’s snapped pictures with their cell phones as Obama left the gym and he told them to have a wonderful year. On Christmas day, Obama was also at the Marine Base to thank the Marines and Sailors stationed there. He spent more than an hour at the dinning hall on base posing for pictures and signing autographs before enjoying a buffet style dinner featuring ham, turkey, and roast beef.

On Tuesday, the President-elect attended a memorial service for his grandmother. before scattering her ashes in the Pacific Ocean.


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